How You Can Stop Struggling and Stay Positive Even When…


“Hi Mr Twenty Twenty & Victoria, I just want to thank you for the Feel It Real Power Pack; it clarifies so many things & is a wonderful package; bravo! 🙂 I do have a question about going about your day. I don’t have any trouble visualising & doing a feel it real session, but I really struggle with remaining positive & walking as the person I wish to be. From walking to & from my day job that I dislike, being in my day job, coping with the troubles of my family & friends around me & dealing with circumstances & events that seem to give continual evidence that my wish seems impossible.

How do you move through your days when all seems so negative & brick walls keep cropping up to prevent your wish? It’s hard to ignore them yet when you see everything around you (the city I live in for example) when I wish to live overseas; do you ignore what your senses see & experience when it is the opposite of what you envisage? I would really appreciate some clarity on how to avoid so much negativity & frustration in the world around me, outside of the wish I want to fulfill. Have a wonderful day, T.”

Hey mate,

When the day to day stuff seems to get in the way – remember the power of distance.   Grandma was right, when she used to say, “When you look back at today, you will be amazed at how much you have grown and how far you have gone.”  This is a huge key, to staying on target with your states, and remaining faithful to the state of your wish fulfilled.

I was reminded of this when Victoria and I started working on the 7 different ways to use “I Remember When.”  Try this one (I Remember When #4) on:

  • When you have moments or days that challenge you to remain faithful to the state, consider them memories.  
  • Look at them FROM your idealized future – as if you are THERE – now.

Here is how we used this YESTERDAY.

Yesterday, I had to go for a routine physical.  It involved a few hours of time, mostly waiting – with other people who weren’t all that thrilled with “mostly waiting”.

Part of what made it less stressful was putting it into the “I remember when….” perspective.

While we were sitting in the various waiting rooms, I was “remembering when – so long ago – I had to get those physicals I needed done, and now since that day THAT is such a long ago part of my past, I can use it as a teaching story – to help others do the same.”   (As I do this now, I am experiencing teaching people 25 years from now, in our lovely garden, the “obvious secrets of Neville.

  • TAKE AWAY:  Right now, you can remember THIS MOMENT as something long ago – from a place of happiness and satisfaction.  T, you can remember living back in your old country – so long ago – from the perspective of the older you – looking back at how even though it was frustrating at the time, it was also giving you lessons and experiences you needed to become the elder – older you who has so much to offer.
  • POWERPOINT:   And if you add in the “how it serves others” angle, that also seems to bring a more tangible feeling to the “remembering”.   Like how I use it as a teaching experience for the lovely people in our amazing healing garden.

This would be a great time to also add in the lessons from the Emotions and States Video – Click Here.

Have a great day mate, and remember to “remember when” you need to shift anything into the past – so you can more fully enjoy the gift of life – and the feeling of your wish fulfilled right now.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“While in a state you no longer desire to express, you must move inwardly by claiming: ‘I remember when I was in a state I did not like.” If you can remember it you are no longer in it. Instead you are becoming aware of your new state as a present objective fact. And if you will remain faithful to your new awareness, it will crystallize. You will find yourself moving across a series of events which will lead you to the fulfillment of your desired state. How it will come about I do not know. I only know it will unfold.” – Neville Goddard

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Take it a level higher now with the detailed lessons in the  Feel It Real Power Pack or the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack where we  explore with you both Neville’s Law and Neville’s Promise.  The Law states that what you hold in mind – what you feel as real manifests in your life.   The Promise explains why – because you truly are one with God, through consciousness and the wonderful human imagination.  Many blessings to you!

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  1. Kate says:

    This is so perfectfor me. As if it was written for me. Your explanation was so easy to understand. Thank you

  2. Tom Collins says:

    A Deep Thank you for all your emails and advices, offering Neville’s amazing thoughts and guidance. Truly lifts me from the mundane into another realm!

    Keep up your excellent work – please!


  3. Cope says:

    Remember whatever I AM Celebrating creates what I AM resonating and whatever I AM resonating creates what MY End Result for me!! So I deeply FEEL, CELEBRATE and Expressly resonate MY Desire because MY Desire is ALREADY LIVING IN AND THRU ME NOW!

  4. Nahla says:

    I am glad I found this article, as I am exactly in the same situation. It helps. About the goal to live overseas that I have too, is it possible to use Neville’s methods to feel as being already there, just like when he got freed from army, or went to Barbados?