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How To Walk In The State of The Wish Fulfilled – Free Neville Goddard


“Christ, being your human imagination, is not limited by the reasoning world and all things are possible to him. If you would ignore the facts and walk in your imaginal acts as though your wish were already fulfilled you are feeding Christ, and he becomes alive within you once more.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today we are going to clear up one of the more challenging teachings of Neville’s – How To Walk in The State Of The Wish Fulfilled.  We are going to share a bit of from some work we have done with a member of Manifesting Mastery.  It began with me asking:

“What if most people really don’t want to be millionaires. What if they want is lifestyle – that they think it takes a million dollars to have. How does THAT change how / what you choose to focus on?” – Twenty Twenty

  • “Right now i would like to focus on having an apartment of my own…” – R.

This is where most people STOP and get confused. Because what is the feeling of “having an apartment”.  It’s like asking someone who has never been married to imagine the feeling of being married.

Let’s take it a step further:

“Why do you want an apartment of your own?” – Twenty Twenty

  • “If I ask myself why I need an apartment it is because I want to be free to do what I liike (for example follow my passion -keep pets) which I cannot do right now.  So finally what I want is freedom.” – R.

Notice now, this is where the gold is. Now that we’ve discovered what it is R REALLY WANTS, let’s refine the gold.

“Seems like a very POWERFUL feeling for you to feel real now is FREEDOM. The feeling of “apartment” is a subset of that. This is how to walk in the state of the wish fulfilled. Feeling “I have an apartment” would most likely trigger a “no I don’t” somewhere in the mind.” – Twenty Twenty

So how do you walk in the state of FREEDOM?

  • One way is to notice and ask, “How many ways am I free today?” This primes the pump and creates a habitual focus on noticing where freedom is in your life now.  But don’t stop there….
  • Now notice how “freedom” feels in the body. For most people, feeling free – feeling freedom has them breathing nice and easy and deep. For most people, feeling freedom would involve feeling energy – joy – thankfulness.

And this one way, to begin walking in “the feeling of freedom”.

Because “having an apartment” is something that your mind can argue with you about. (this is why it can be tricky at times to imagine the feeling of “apartment”).   But feeling FREEDOM physically, gets you closer to discovering and feeling THE INNER STATE OF FREEDOM – that you can embody – amplify – and expand into the world around you.  And that is what creates change.

Now feel free to print this out and apply it to what you truly choose to have more of in your life.

And if you too are blessed by this kind of exploring, register today for 90 Days of Manifesting Mastery with us. You’ll have amazing experiences that will change your life forever.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Nat says:

    This is a priceless example. It really crystallizes the process and helps you get to the inner core of the desire you think you have and why you have it.
    Thanks yet again 20/20!

  2. Sarah says:

    Excellent! love this article. TT &V, I want to walk in the wish fulfilled of a new job which gives me self worth, opportunity to travel and financial freedom and ability for my talents to shine. How can I walk in my wish fulfilled?

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    What is the CORE feeling you would feel Sarah? Search for something like Freedom, Confident, lovely…. and apply what we shared in the post. Let us know what you discover. TT and V

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Nat.

    We love exploring process in our programs, because changing the process you run, NATURALLY AND ELEGANTLY changes your thoughts and outcomes – generating more of what you want in life.

    Much more effective than just “repeating words”.

    Have fun and keep us posted,

    TT and V

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh that’s easy- its confident!
    Thanks TT 🙂

  6. yulanda says:

    Thank you, this is the state i want to be in. Tbis article makes it easier to get there.