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How to Stop Pretending and Live in The State of Your Wish Fulfilled – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today we are going to explore how to stop pretending and start living in the state of the wish fulfilled, so that you embody and experience your blessings – your wish fulfilled.

Neville Goddard Quote“Can you answer/comment on this question please. What’s the difference between assuming the wish fulfilled and pretending the wish fulfilled? When I come out of my feel it real sessions and I see that my ideal is not yet in physical form should I pretend that it is? Thanks.” Dave

“I do enjoy your emails and website and am actively trying to use Neville’s work in my life. However, I don’t totally understand how to ‘live from the state’. For example, I want a new job/career, how would I use Neville – just keep running the congratulatory conversations, well done on new job etc? Should I be doing anything else (apart from actually looking for the job?) Would it be possible to have a step by step guide to this, I don’t think I’m totally ‘getting it’. Thanks so much for all you do.” – Claire

Here is the reply we sent to Claire, and a great lesson from Neville Goddard below.

Reply: Hi Clarie, Here’s a great example. When I see your email, I have a choice.To continue to live from the state of the spiritual teacher – and reply to it… Or to let that state slip away and live from some other state. If stopped living from the state of spiritual teacher, I would put off replying, and maybe blow it off completely.  So… since I am in the state of “the spiritual teacher” – I simply find myself replying to it. Walking from the state of the wish fulfilled – is you coming from the identity – of the man / woman you choose to be. Before I was a black belt and yet living from the “black belt state”, I treated people with the respect – and found myself doing other things – that a black belt does. So, how does the “Claire who has that new job” react, and respond in the world?”

To walk from and live in the state of the wish fulfilled, ask yourself this question,

“How can I react in the world – from the state of my wish fulfilled?”

Let’s peek under the hood.

Living from (reacting from) the state of the professional writer – has me pretty much automatically write articles – from emails that we receive – and about events in our daily lives. Articles that change lives and get read by thousands of people every day.   Lives are blessed when you live from the state of your loving wish fulfilled.

Pretending (acting as if I am a writer) on the other hand, would just look silly.  If I went out and pretended that I just wrote a novel – well that would be – just weird.   Pretending doesn’t bless anyone – and it doesn’t feel right.

  • Now lets tie this together with Feel It Real.

I used to do Feel It Real Sessions about being a great writer. In those sessions, I was being congratulated by my friends and family, for making a great living as a writer. Some sessions I did had me being congratulated for reaching #1 in Amazon (which we have done). Some sessions had me sharing beautiful emails from readers – with Victoria.

All those things, have come true.

And those sessions I did with the Feel It Real Formula, changed how I “reacted and acted” in the world.  I became – what I had previously desired.  They helped me feel differently about myself, and they changed what I did with my time.  No longer was I feeling frustrated.  I shifted into feeling and being productive and powerful in another area of my life.

TODAY’S TAKEAWAY: Once you stop reacting to the world – based upon your past – and enter into the state of your wish fulfilled – your behavior and perception will change.   People will notice, and they will love the new you.

The key is, you’ve got to keep it simple and follow the steps.   (That and stop adding in all the hokey stuff that is not Neville.)

Neville works, Feel It Real Works – because you are One With God – your wonderful human imagination – and all you need to do – is realize that – and follow the pattern we teach.   Thank you for your testimonials, questions, and for taking the time to invest in you.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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“You can be anything in this world but you cannot know it or expect it to come unless you Act. If you react based on the past, you continue in the same pattern.   To be the man you desire to be you must create the scene…” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Well said TT. Jack Canfield used to say “Fake it till you make it” and Tony Robbins thing has been “Make it real” when it comes to manifesting and creating the life you desire, but I never quite got either one until I read what Neville said about living from that state of your wish being fulfilled.

    For me, it’s like acting where I become the person I want to be by stepping into in the role of BEING that person and feeling how I might feel if I were someone who is, or has done what I want to do or be. The more I do that, the more the experience deepens within me until I actually become that person or accomplish what I have set out to do, but it happens automatically over time and without effort.

    I do see it as basically pretending, but also with the addition that the actors who are the most proficient at their craft lose their own sense of personal identity while they are in the role because they FEEL and BECOME the person they are playing.

    In this way, I also find that as I assume my my roles and feel like I am, or have done what I want, the universe makes it such that I gradually morph into the person I aspire to be, or accomplish what I have been wanting to do.

    In other words, I do eventually become the person on the physical level that I am assuming I already am inwardly, and I also do what I am “pretending” I have already done.
    Cheers mate,
    Dr. John

  2. Michael Murphy says:


    I live in China though I’m from the USA. I’ve been in China for 2 years. I came here completely unknown.

    During a time of meditation a phrase came to my mind. The phrase was ‘Famous in China.’ I took it as a message from the divine within me. I started living it by writing a blog on the website for the newspaper, China Daily. China Daily is the largest English language newspaper in Asia. Some sites report that they print 500,000 papers a day. Through their international editions that number is closer to 1 million papers a day. I did nothing else except write from whatever came to my heart and mind.

    Completely out of my physical control to affect, a man named Xiao Gang, started reading my blog. He happened to be the chairman of the Bank of China, China’s second largest bank. He liked my views on life and education. (He has since resigned from Bank of China because he was chosen to head the China Securities Regulations Commission, China’s equivalent to the U.S. SEC.)

    He recommended me to the blog editor as one of 26 Star/VIP Bloggers. The ‘Star Bloggers’ are a who’s who list of business people, journalists and a few celebrities in China. I’m one of a half dozen non-Asians in that group.

    One of my blogs became the most viewed blog entry in the history of the newspaper. Not only that, today, I am their number 2 most popular and most viewed blogger.

    In addition, China daily also prints at least 2 of my blogs/articles in their flagship edition of their newspaper which also makes it into all of their other editions. Periodically, they call me and invite me to attend a forum, somewhere in China, with all expenses paid. Also, every time one of my articles is published in the newspaper, they pay me a fee which they direct deposit into my bank account.

    Neville’s methods and teachings, which you so precisely represent and teach through your work, is highly effective. I’ve proven it more ways than just this.

    Thank you,
    Michael Murphy

  3. lisa says:

    wow – that is fantastic. Such a clear pathway Michael – exactly how to help us out here see it in life.
    Twenty, I love what you said “they changed what I did with my time. No longer was I feeling frustrated. I shifted into feeling and being productive and powerful in another area of my life.”

    Right! Claire, we change WHAT WE DO with our time… and HOW we are in our time, our lives. I love love that: I act like a successful, happy woman. Period. I do what a happy, successful woman does – I smile, I relax, I feel safe, I share, – oh, and then I “do” whatever is before me to do… whether cook dinner here at home, or help develop a new idea half way around the world.

    Love it all so much. love you, love the intelligent questions and responses. This is a good group.

  4. Dave Harr says:

    So we are all manifesting for ourselves all the time, good, bad, indifferent. Why not take charge of your world and manifest what you want. TT's Mastery Program will help you notice where you are and get you to where you want to go in a timely fashion, Thanks big much to TT &V for your work! You are all blessed, now go live it! 🙂 Be the beacon and live with love!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Dave!

    Always appreciated mate. We live it, we love it, we love you!

    TT and V

  6. Harsha says:

    Interesting. I see action as forever being a movement in the imagination. I’ve tried both the “pretending” and the “action” only to realize that if there is no resistance (: negativity of any kind 🙂 in the pretense then it is the same as being, and that “acting” physically in an attempt to live like a whatever only felt strenuous and the harder I tried the more difficult it got. The key is the degree of non-resistance whether by way of belief or pure / purer positive emotion because when we are in state of general inner well-being we tend to automatically flow to where we want to be and only need to offer a general intent. It really is like driving on a 2-way road where one direction of traffic takes you into the realm of positive possibilities and the other into the realm of negative possibilities. If you are in a GENERALLY positive state of mind you can only run into positive circumstances and if you add some ACTIVE IMAGINATION (: which is my definition of real “action” because the physical action if needed is a manifestation 🙂 to it you’ll go very far very easily – surprisingly easily.
    Also a good question to ask when attempting to live or respond from the perspective of the wish fulfilled (: it always is fulfilled anyway 🙂 is “As a so-and-so, how should I look at this?” and that should get the focus which creates all things moving in the right direction. Attempting to “MUST” something will create resistance. Let all action be ACTIVE IMAGINATION.

  7. Harsha says:

    The key in all of this is to realize that the essence of any state of wish fulfilled is some kind of PLEASURE or benefit. So being as happy as one is able to be (: it needn’t always be ecstatic joy but as good as one can feel in a given moment 🙂 is in ALIGNMENT with the essence of your wish fulfilled. God is love. The clearest definition of love is non-resistant appreciative desire which equals manifesting except that a lot of people tend to have resistance of some sort in their vibration.
    There for in being appreciative we are in alignment with the basis of all things desirable. Practicing a generally positive outlook once made a bit will spillover into everything else because our primary focus has changed and we are now living in a GENERALLY DIFFERENT state and all our feeling-it-real sessions will be far easier and more successful.
    All in all, I think living from the state of the wish fulfilled is imagining and choosing a perspective from that state as habit. The acting, for me, must be done from a zone of comfort because I’ve seen that if my vibration relevant to the circumstance is off then the outcome is off no matter what and if I were not aware of the importance of my vibration I would surely interpret this is an “authentic failure” thereby reinforcing the previous undesirable state.
    I’m just attempting to convey that the a state of GENERAL WELL-BEING & HAPPINESS when fully occupied (: that requires practicing a positive choice of focus and imagining desirable things 🙂 spills over into our more specific desires because the general foundation is positive.

  8. Harsha says:

    Also Neville says in the The Law (: I think that’s where you got the quote at the bottom of your post 🙂 that “when he awakens from the dream and then becomes an actor.” Neville really isn’t emphasizing physical action as much as active imagination that is the act of moving between states of mind once one is aware that his imagination is the creator of the observed circumstance. In this particular example, the full quote is “To be the man you desire to be you must create the scene, as this lady did, and the whole world will be convulsed if that is necessary to bring it to pass”. In other words, this lady spent quite some time imagining giving that old lady a lift and the physical unfolding happened pretty much automatically because the imagination has ways that are beyond conventional reasoning. “Not by might (: physical force which is the last consequence 🙂 but by spirit (: imagination :)”.

  9. You gave me the final piece to the puzzle with "Lives are blessed when you live from the state of your loving wish fulfilled". – That really nailed the process for me, thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty!

  10. RHONYC says:

    this triggered me to read Neville’s ‘Live the Answer Now’ lecture (one of the 221 mentioned top right) and WOW!!!

    i just finished doing a session and i have arrived!
    i am living from the state of my wish fulfilled, NOW.

    it’s an unbelievable feeling. it feels like my eyes are seeing differently the very space i’m in. incredible!

    blessings & thanx TT & V. you rock! 🙂

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Fantastic Rhonyc!

    When you do what Neville says, and what we teach – it’s VERY different – and enlightening isn’t it.

    Big love!

    TT and V

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Our pleasure Colleen!

  13. fasil says:

    am working with my imagination to manifest good in to my life,
    and i chose only Nevilles method and i always stick to his teachings,i have a strong feeling i am very close to see my reality soon.
    here is what i want to ask
    when i do my imagination exercise i always imagine the end result,but i imagine different scenes of the end result.
    can this affect my result
    thank you

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey mate,

    Are you imagining something that implies that is is done already?

    Like paying the yearly car insurance bill again – if it is a car you are imagining?

    Or putting petrol in the tank, for that same car?

    These would be scenes – that would imply you have a car.

    And you could use both of them.

    Make sense?


    TT and V

  15. Carme says:

    Just an old question I’ve always wanted to ask…if your desire is to be in a relationship with certain person, how can you live from that state…? I mean….do you have to walk around answering “yes, I do” when someone ask you if you have a boyfriend…? Do you have to think “mmm….not sure if he’ll like this stuff” when trying to buy something for the house….? And how can you keep that state if you look around and see he’s not there…? Just asking because seems quite easy to apply your methods when comes to money (feeling no lack of money, for example…) but it seems complicated to do it when it comes relative to heart issues…. 🙂
    And also….what about if you want to have a co-worker out of your work…? How can you live from the state that this person is not working there anymore and is somewhere else, happy, when you get to see him/her everyday….?

    Thanks a lot

  16. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Carme!

    This article should help with that:


    TT and V

  17. SFV says:

    Well said Harsha! Have also noticed that when the vibe is off then other things done in that ‘mood’ or vibe also tend to be off and produce like a failure event or a series of things that are just not quite right. Contrasted to when you do things when you are in a positive mood then all other things seem to just fall into place with ease.

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Try this on….

    “There is no vibe”.

    What there is is YOU.

    And either you are in the state – or not.

    And if you notice you aren’t – dive in.

    This is NEVILLE. Pure and simple.

    Be still – and know – you are God.
    And notice – what is the state – you are giving life to – right now.

    THAT will be what advances into your future.