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How To Stop Cycles That Repeat

feel_it_real_small“My life feels like it’s a rerun. The same money, the same bills. The same whiners, the same complaints. The same relationships, just with different people. How do I get off this cycle of insanity?” – Rebecca Rose

Hey Rebecca,

It’s easy to get stuck on a cycle. Because most everything here on Earth has a cycle. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – that’s a cycle. Morning, afternoon, evening and night – that’s a cycle. Child, teen, adult, elder. Yes, that too is a cycle.

And as long as you identify YOU as this body, you will keep repeating cycles.

“And he said to them, “Your time is always here. My time has not yet come.” For who understood him?  Your time is always here. It’s a wheel. It’s always here.” – Neville Goddard

So how do you break the cycle?  How do you step off the wheel that keeps going round and round?  One way is to Follow The Formula – and a small but very powerful part of the formula is to do your sessions – correctly.

TAKE AWAY:  One of the easiest problems we have helped coaching clients fix quickly is STOPPING seeing your body in your Feel It Real sessions.  Almost every time we talk with a stuck client, they tell us, “I see me driving the car” or “I see me with my friends congratulating me”, they tell us (when we ask) that they see THEIR BODY in the image.  Their language reveals that they still IDENTIFY with being the body – that they haven’t fully accepted that they aren’t the body – that they are instead what animates and drives the body – which is consciousness – which is God.

Remember – seeing your body in a movie FEELS GOOD – but it doesn’t FEEL REAL – because there YOU are DISTANT from the scene.  (Read:  Are you Feeling It Good or Feeling It Real?

Notice how Neville supports this with the words of Jesus.

My time, speaking of the age to be, that age of which he had tasted the power of that age has not yet come. I have tasted of it, and the events have started unfolding within me so my time has not yet, he repeats it now, and when he repeats it the second time he adds the word fully. The first time he said, “My time has not yet come.” When he repeats it, “My time has not yet fully come.” – Neville Goddard

Tasted.   Tasted is the word Jesus used to describe “the power of the creative age” which is to come.  You can’t taste “from a distance”.  You taste up close – and personal.  You feel it real – up close and personal.

(Notice how we do this in the Manifesting Love Video.)

And finally, “my time has not yet FULLY come”.   When you Follow The Formula and do a Feel It Real Session properly, you taste the power.  It has come, but not yet fully.  It will fully come as you embody the experience – and the circumstance you have wished for is FULLY MANIFESTED in your world.

“Mr Twenty, Keep exploring the tiny distinctions that make Neville different, because they are what makes his methods work, they are what bring peace and power home.”

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria



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    This is a great piece. Thank you