How To Reinvent You – Part 2 – Free Nevilile Goddard

“Do not ask yourself how this thing is going to be. It does not matter if your reason denies it. It does not matter if all the world round about you denies it. You do not have to bury the old. “Let the dead bury the dead.” You will so bury the past by remaining faithful to your new concept of Self” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Last week, we explored in PART 1 – How To Reinvent You, where it all began.

We’ve been blessed by you sharing your similar stories with us, and we want to thank you for sharing them.

Today’s the day – that I met Neville Goddard!

Today, we explore THE NEVILLE GODDARD CONNECTION, or how Neville Goddard kept badgering me for over 20 years before I stopped resisting the truth and started living it and sharing it.

But before we dive in – read that quote of Neville’s above.

It’s about the old you DYING.  The old concept of you has to die – before the new you can truly live.   This is my story of dying – and being reborn.   Like any real story, it has lots of clues in it and lots of love.

Let’s dive back in.

So one day, after reading that Wayne Dyer book AGAIN, I noticed a handstamp on one of the first few pages – the address and phone number of a used book store, out in the country, about 2 miles away from home.

Imagine – a little boy –  imagining up a massive personal library…

I had been imagining having a huge library of life changing books, now I was going to have one!

  • Boy was I excited. Now I could buy books for about 25 cents each, and instead of having to save to buy one book, I could easily buy several books each week.

So every week, I would walk…

…the two miles to the book store, buy a stack of books, put them in my book bag, and begin reading one on the way home.

That is when I met Neville the first time!

In my new found treasures, I had a copy of Neville. And I started reading it. Being a teenager, and rebelling against being Catholic, I tossed it in a drainage ditch on the way home.

 I didn’t even want to carry it with me.

Yes, it had some AMAZING insights into it, but at that point in time, I wasn’t ready to consider – maybe scripture did have “the secrets” I needed in it. So I tossed the baby out with the bathwater.

About 10 years later…

…when I was in my mid 20’s, my partner signed up with Amway. We were going to make our first million, and someone in our organization gave us a book – a book by Neville. Which I placed in the stack, and eventually got to reading.

I made it further this time. I GOT BIG TIME GOLD!

But I still wasn’t FULLY ready for what Neville shared. I had had my “wake up call” before then.  I knew 100% that we don’t die, and that we are more than our physical bodies, but I still wasn’t fully ready for “The Promise” – the realization that we are one – one with God.

So even though Neville had some really good stuff, I again – tossed that baby out with the bathwater.

The Dark Night Of The Soul.

In my mid to late 30’s, in 2002 to 2003 I fell apart. After years and years of soul searching, exploring meditation, Native American Wisdom, doing real life Vision Quests etc, my concept of me and my concept of God both dissolved – completely.

At first, all I could do was weep.

I was on the outside kicking big booty and building two very profitable business several hours a day, yet all I could do was take massive breaks, lay down in bed or in the grass if I was on the road – and weep. Several hours a day were devoted to a deep letting go.

Part of it was “intellectual”. I realized all “my concepts” were dust. What I thought was real was like a menu. What I was doing was truly getting to the point where I could experience “the meal”. There is a HUGE difference between the menu (concepts) and the meal (reality).

20andyoda“I was lost – and I was getting found!”

And I was discovering just how lost I had been in my concepts of reality – while making the room to start discovering a new level of reality – beyond anything I could conceptualize.

That’s when PEACE prevailed.   Peace beyond words.

Peace that simply “is”.

And that’s when Neville Found me again, for the third time.

This time, I saw the beauty in his work, as well as the power in his work. That was easy, because I was experiencing new levels of beauty and power in everything.

And so I started applying Neville WILDLY!

  • And I made a bunch of the usual mistakes.
  • And I sought guidance, mentors, teachers.  Not much out there back then. A bit, but not much.

And that’s why we are here today, writing the books, making the videos and recordings and doing the trainings.

Because one day we imagined something HUGE, something you are also a part of.




Hi TT & V.

The changes that I have noticed in the past week have been amazing. Here are what has changed:

  • Much calmer mind
  • Not making up stories up as much as I was a week ago that didn’t benefit me
  • More relaxed overall
  • Don’t panic as much as I used to
  • Actually speaking up (i.e. wanting to change gym session times)
  • No longer doing things that don’t serve me
  • Everyone around me is so much happier, and if they aren’t, I’m not there for it
  • I actually want to now meet and marry someone (that has never happened before – old me would come up with a divorce before I even started)
  • Other people’s outbursts affect me less and less
  • I am starting to care more about what I want with less and less negative thoughts from others (i.e. imagining that people wouldn’t approve of what I wanted – now I imagine them congratulating me with ease)
  • I swear less
  • I actually want to take care of myself now
  • I am not taking on others negative energy. I just wish them well, and move on.

With all the changes from only 7 days, I am so excited to see what the next 83 days bring 


Nat – Day 7 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Jo Japa says:

    That's it exactly – how we find and are found, when we are ready. Sometime my partner and I look back at … even one year ago – as we read the same books every morning for over a decade -(Neville now added to Tolle and Eileen Cady from Findhorn) and we are amazed at what we did not accept or see…. and it makes us so much more enthusiastic about the day right before us.
    Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Lisa Marie says:

    Twenty – you have the ability to share Free Neville Goddard so easily and clearly for us all. I am in a deeper and deeper state of love with you and appreciation of you – every single day.

  3. kattalina says:

    wow. this was a fantastic one. and that pic of u with the hamster (I think that’s what ur holding?)…. ummm. well. wow. HOT—- mate, in your words… gives such a different “wisdom” vibe to your face….NICE! 🙂

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Kattalina!

    That was Yoda, a teeny tiny newborn kitty.

    They were born right when I was coming out of a Dark Night of The Soul episode.

    Looking into there eyes as they began to open – just love – just lovely.

    Thank you for sharing your comment and your SMILE here today!