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How To Imagine A Profitable Business – Free Neville Goddard

” Hey Mr TT, I am imaging the congratulatory conversation, not seeing my body, and so forth.  I get it, believing is feeling… but I’m not noticing the changes.   I’m not saying I haven’t seen some things.  For instance, I imagined a job for my sister recently.  I’m just not seeing the “big” stuff.  The one thing that I will say is happening, I’m being taking seriously as an artist, I’m showing a lot, but not selling. So, I’m trying to see myself as selling now.” 

Hey mate,

So let’s make a tiny shift that will take you to the next level.   One of the things we do when coaching, is to notice the language you use – because that will often reveal where the energy was stuck – and the blessing blocked.  Let’s make one tiny shift right now.

Let’s change, “see myself as selling now”, to “seeing very happy REPEAT purchasers – who love introducing me to their friends – who love buying my work”.

And instead focusing your sessions on you selling – do your sessions with your happy, satisfied, repeat customers – buying – and bringing their friends to you – telling you how much they love displaying your work – and make it obvious how happy they are.

This takes the focus off of you and your work – and moves it to more people – being blessed by it.  Notice how this is a very similar shift to the one we made in the Manifesting Love Video

Today’s Take Away:  Often a tiny shift like this one – from self to others who are blessed – is all it takes to open up the floodgates.   Just make sure you aren’t “digging up the seed” as well.

Thank you for writing mate, and Victoria and I are seeing you joyful and your clients blessed incredibly by your work.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  There are over 500 free life changing articles on the free neville goddard site here, what would happen if you chose to read three of them a day?   Use the links below the quote below to find more of them, or use the search box.  Three a day will work miracles – and that is why we are here.  many blessings.

“See them loving to shop with you if you are a shopkeeper; if you are a factory worker, don’t see anything laying you off, lift it up, put beauty in the place of ash, for that would be ash if you were laid off with a family to feed. If someone is mourning, put joy in the place of mourning; if someone is heavy of spirit, put the spirit of praise in place of the spirit of heaviness, and as you do this and revise the day you turn around, and turning around you turn up, and all the energies that went down when you were sound asleep and really blind now turn up and you become a tree of righteousness, a planting to the glory of God.” – Neville Goddard

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