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How to Create As God Does – Free Neville Goddard


“Watch what you are imagining, for that is god in action. For there is no other God. So as you imagine so your life is going to be.”

“You want to be other than what you are – you can be if you know who god is….”

“Here is the secret, this fabulous world of ours is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger. The whole vast world is for that purpose, to appease your hunger.”

“And if you know who you are, you can view the world from any state in this world… infinite states, and these states are purely the means to satisfy this hunger.” – Neville Goddard – Strong Imagination – Free Download

Hey mate,

Let’s satisfy your hunger today, with a great example of how imagining creates your world.

I was enjoying a light lunch at a local coffee shop, when I noticed a young man walking up to two teenage girls that he went to school with.   The girls looked at each other, then at him and giggled.  Immediately the young man hesitated, slowed down, and got awkward and shy.   Why did he do this?

  • What do you think?   (Stop for a second.  Figure it out, then read on.)

The young man took on a state that wasn’t all that productive – because he IMAGINED that the girls giggling wasn’t a good thing.   (If you said he took on that non productive state because the girls giggled, think again.   The girls giggling could have meant ANYTHING.   He imagined that it was negative – and he manifested a state that made him awkward, shy, and hesitant.

  • How many times have you done the same exact thing?

neville_goddard_quote_god_isRemember, IMAGINING is God in action, and imagining creates your conditions – minute by minute.   Consider this, what if he REVISED the giggle – into something powerful?  What if he imagined that they giggled because the one girl LIKES HIM?    His behavior, and his life would be very different now.

This is what Feel It Real is all about.  Not only can you imagine wealth (like turning $100 into almost $5,000), yes – that can be done – I have done that recently with the Attitude Money experiment in the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.  Not only can you imagine lovely things for your home and garden (we do it all the time – we just noticed that almost every item on our LUCKY LIST is now part of our lives).  Not only can you imagine new opportunities, skills, strengths and spouses, you can imagine – the truth about you.

You are one with God, plain and simple.  And this wonderful world of ours was created for one purpose – to satisfy your hunger.  So use the Feel It Real Formula – and create the world you wish to live in.

Because you are one with God, and God deserves the very best – through you.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:   What is the purpose of this world?   It probably isn’t what you have been taught.  It isn’t to work off karma, it isn’t punishment, it isn’t a school for you to learn life lessons from.   The purpose of the world is to wake up, and to appease your hunger, by exploring the wonderful power of you – the wonderful power of the human imagination.



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  1. Bella says:

    Dear Mr. TT,
    Thank you very much for your kindness. I pray only the best things come flow to your life.

  2. Colleen says:

    Wow….I love this post. It really reinforces what I have been learning from your “Feel It Real” Pack which is fantastic by the way….you have such a gift for explaining Neville and bringing a new understanding that always leads me to an “Aha” moment….the information and audios in the “Feel It Real” are truly amazing….thank you TT and V

  3. Sam says:

    Quick definitions from Macmillan (appease)
    verb: cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of

    I love this stuff! I love my imagination 🙂 I have been using IT on my love ones. Mom out of the hospital and other good news. I love N.G.

  4. lisa says:

    Another wonderful post/lesson, another wonderful distinction, right here:

    Not only can you imagine new opportunities, skills, strengths and spouses, you can imagine – the truth about you.

    We, especially as often are focused on the goal/proof of some sort of solution to our lives… as you list here. Yet, it is so powerful to really GET THIS…and really BE THIS…as the operant power of our lives, so the goals just flow out of our very existence.
    It ties is so nicely to… I am a millionaire because I am a Millionaire.
    WHAT IF…we live free from external….anything.
    AH yes, we are the Operant power.
    Love this twenty, as always.