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Hey mate,

This week has been a challenging week for many people who have emailed us. And it’s been a challenging week for us personally too. So, I today, when I entered into the silence – I was led to read a bit from one of Neville’s books that Carol, a reader mentioned in an email today. So for those days when it seems like you’ve run into challenges, here is a wonderful quote of Neville’s to keep in mind – one that will bring you peace.

“God speaks to you through the medium of your basic desires. Your basic desires are words of promise or prophecies that contain within themselves the plan and power of expression. By basic desire is meant your real objective.” – Neville Goddard

You can truly be at peace, once you know where BASIC DESIRES come from. They don’t come from your “ego”, they come from God – your wonderful human imagination.

So rejoice in them. Relax in them, knowing that they truly can not be blocked or withheld from you – unless you block or withhold them yourself. (One way many people block them, is to focus instead on SECONDARY DESIRES that they create. Ego based secondary desires define how it will happen, instead of letting how it will happen up to the Power and the Wisdom that we truly are one with.)

So remember, when you are tempted to be frustrated or fearful – YOUR BASIC desires come “from God”, they are how your I AMness reveals itself to you.

Before you ask, your prayer is heard – and answered. Consciousness is the only reality. God in you (as you) is closer than your next breath. And your basic desires are truly WORDS OF PROMISE, that will be fulfilled.

Have an amazing week,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. John B says:

    TT & Victoria,

    Thank you for a beautiful message. May the good you give others be returned to you a hundred times over.



  2. Yelitza Orta says:

    I needed to remember that 🙂 thanks mr 2020 ;).

  3. MS says:

    Thank you so much, and many blessings your way!

  4. Beautiful inspiration.

  5. Sribhaktid says:

    TT you are getting better and better. I am so very grateful for your grace on Earth,

    Thank you

  6. Dennis says:

    This came at just the right moment…thanks again TT&V

  7. josie says:

    Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Lisa Movius says:

    Before I ask…you have given me the true answer…