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How long should it take? Free Neville Goddard

Hi Mr Twenty Twenty,   Doesn’t Neville say it only takes three days for your imagining to become reality?  I read this quote here on Facebook (link removed) and would love for you to tell us more.   Thanks…

“The Bible gives it as three days; the duration is three days for response in this world.  If I would now assume I am what I want to be, and if I am faithful to it and walk as though I were, the very longest stretch given for its realization is three days.” – Neville Goddard – 1948

Hey mate,

Let’s examine how Neville explores and explains what he means when he says “three days” in the passage below.

deskquote“If you remain in that state, you are told in the Bible three days, you will be “spewed out on dry land.” “Three” doesn’t mean three days; “three” means fullness, “three” means complete. So if I will live within that fish (state) for three days until the whole thing seems natural and seems real, and it has the sensory vividness of reality. I will then be spewed out as something objective, and something that is commonly called in the Bible land or dry land.” – Neville Goddard – 1953

So three days – doesn’t mean three literal days.   Three days means you fully and completely feeling it real.   Fully living in the state of “feeling it real”, and doing your sessions so they are not just distractive daydreams – but real Feel It Real Sessions.    Read This Article to make sure you are doing that right:

Are you Feeling It Good or Feeling it Real (The Difference Between Success and Failure) – Click Here

Remember, if you read the original quote – without Neville’s explanation, you will experience frustration. It’s the tiny bits like this that make all the difference, and that’s why we write the articles here on the site – and develop packages like the Neville Goddard Power Pack and the 90 Day Coaching System – Manifesting Mastery.

Click the links above for more.   Thank you for writing and next week we will explore IN DETAIL exactly what Neville means by “realization” and “response in this world” and how to guarantee your success.

Many blessings to you today,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. TwentyTwenty: thank you so much for the You are the only human being that I know of that is living Neville beside me. I found Neville in 1985 and I allowed his knowledge to shift my life. I am so grateful that you are putting his lectures online and becoming aware of this knowledge is available to all. I know that we all have it already within us, however, the awareness and the consciousness of it is something else. Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Hi Linda , Will you please let us know how you applied Neville's teachings to manifest your desires ?

  3. Karen says:

    Link didnt work :Are you Feeling It Good or Feeling it Real (The Difference Between Success and Failure) – Click Here

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for letting us know Karen. We’ve been working on that – might even have it fixed now. Seems to be working for most, but not for others….

    No rhyme or reason either.

    But still hacking at it and seeing it fixed.


    TT and V too

  5. It took me 8 days to manifest a gold wedding ring on my finger, albeit for one day. I totally felt that ring on my finger for 8 days and on the 9th day, I was on a coach trip to London to see a theater performance. The group leader did not know my surname and allocated the seat under my name, by my companion's surname. When we were all seated, he said – "We have a little ceremony that we do when we don't have pple's surname, so since we did not know your's, we've put you under Chris' surname, which means you are now married for the day. Now, give me your hand…" And I swear to God, he put a huge, male wedding ring (not his) on my wedding finger, and put my ring back to hold it in place. My jaw nearly fell open. For a moment, I did not know what was up, what was down. No one new about my practice of Neville's lessons and what I was doing, yet, the wedding ring manifested on the 9th day. I was shaken to my core. So I kept it for the day and marveled. I took a photo and sent it to my best friend who knew what I was practicing daily. We both kept screaming down the phone to each other. It was unbelievable.
    Now – what this had thought me is that, its not the ring! Its not the ring that I want really. Cos I got it and it did not mean anything. It was the hand that placed the ring on my finger that I failed to imagine in my practice. It was the feeling of "pride" as Neville says for that person who's put it there. So – I'll keep practicing and will let you know when it all comes to pass, the way it should 🙂
    I wanted to share this to encourage all to keep practicing the faculty of imagination 🙂

  6. can man manifest all kind of think ….i mean i m 22 & my height is 5'3 so can i manifest tall height?????

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Sunkalp,

    Try this one on – let us know what you think:


    TT and V

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Daniella!

    And you nailed it toward the end…

    What is it that you REALLY want?


    TT AND V