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How do I feel THIS real? – Free Neville Goddard Lesson

“I was just curious as to how you feel things as real if you have never experienced what you want to be. For example I want to be a successful woman day trader, how do you feel this real if you have not yet become a successful day trader?  Thanks.”  – Sandi

Hi Sandi,

This is a great question.   Let’s see how you have most likely felt things that you have never experienced before as real in your life, and see what Neville has to say.

Teaching Karate at the Scottdale YMCAEnjoy The Excitement.

As little boys and girls, we all knew what it was like to feel the excitement of being a teenager, even before it happened.  Then to feel the excitement of what it would be like to be a grown up, before it happened.   I knew as a teen what it was like to feel the excitement of being a black belt, years befor it happened.   Just like how we shared yesterday, once you started on the trip to Grandma’s house, you didn’t hope that getting to Grandma’s house might happen – you knew you would arrive.  You eagerly anticipated the adventures you would have on the way – and you already felt the excitement of arriving.   

Allow yourself to feel “the excitement”, just like you have before in life in the examples we shared above.

Amp It Up – With the Feeling of Relief

You might not be able to feel what a successful day trader feels like, but you can feel the excitement, and the relief that comes along with that.   Imagine your friends asking you what it is like, being that successful day trader?   How does it feel, to have your friends and family ask you about your new world of accomplishment?

TAKE AWAY:  Early in my training I couldn’t possibly know exactly what it would feel like to be a black belt.   But I knew what it felt like to be recognized for accomplishment.  I knew what it felt like to carry oneself with respect.  I knew what it felt like to have confidence in ability – since I had confidence in other abilities.  Use this paragraph as a pattern, to help you develop the circle of feelings that surround your accomplishment, your new identity, your new way of life.

Neville says to “feel the relief, feel the satisfaction of being there.”   Here is a great article we shared earlier on that:  Feel The Satisfaction – Click here!

There are “universal feelings” that go along with just about ANY wish fulfilled.   Thankfulness is one of them.   Excitement is another.  Relief is one of our favorites.

How do you know if you have fully entered into your belief?   It’s easy, just notice if you feel a profound sense of relief.  Just like the sexual act – once it is done – you are spent – there are no more cravings – like Neville says, you simply enter into the state of sleep, knowing it is done.   Check out the orgasmic energy recording below.  It has some really amazing insights worth listening to again and again.  It is one of our most popular.

Let us know what you discover Sandi, and enjoy the adventure as it unfolds into your life, as you remember the power that you truly are.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. That was a great question! I had trouble with that for a while too until I began to realize the power of my imagination and the way i was able to discover that was to begin to imagine what I MIGHT feel like if I was doing, being or having what I was wanting to do, be or have. That made all the difference for me, because when I began to feel the excitement of what I would feel after getting what I wanted, the emotions carried me into the reality of having already attained i, and the Universe then brought it to me.. sometimes in record time. This is a tremendously powerful technique.

    I think that would be applicable in Sandi’s case as well..imagining herself sitting in front of the computer watching her trades turn into winners, and FEELING the excitement of that happening would bring it to her quickly so long as there were no other energies such as doubt or fear interfering.

    And btw.. I also discovered that my imagining didn’t need to be perfect.. either in emotion or in visualizing. I only have needed to keep in mind that this is simply how the Universe works and that i am creating all the time anyway, so if I remain true to my vision it WILL come to me. .