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How can I tell what to do and what not to do? Free Neville Goddard

Free Neville Goddard - See beauty be love.“Do nothing or do something?  Sometimes I get so confused and can’t figure out where to draw the line.  Then, I notice that I have dug up the seed and need to start over.  Can you help me?”  – Lisa

Hi Lisa,

Let’s dive into the words of Neville – for great guidance on what we need to do – and how to tell what not to do.

Your main job is to Follow The Formula – do your Feel It Real sessions – and walk in the state of the wish having been fulfilled.  According to Neville:

“Continue to imagine what you want until you have actually obtained it. You do nothing else to obtain your desire. If it is necessary to take some action, you will be led to do so in a normal, natural manner. You do not have to do anything to “help” bring it about. Remember that it is God, Himself, who is doing the work and He knows exactly how to accomplish it. If you think of your desire during the day, give thanks that it is already an accomplished fact – because it is!” – Neville Goddard Quote

Do nothing else to OBTAIN your desire.   This is the statement that tends to confuse people.   You can take massive action, knowing that the action you take does not OBTAIN your desire – but is part of it happening naturally.   Like how I write an article a day, do the sessions for our 90 Day Training, or write a book.  All those are part of what I would NATURALLY do, being a writer and trainer.

The key is, WHAT STATE are your actions coming from?

  • Does what you are drawn to do forced, frantic or based in fear?  Or is it something that feels NATURAL?  An act that would be part of you crossing the bridge of incident – to it naturally happening?

Anytime you find your actions being un-natural – coming from a feeling that is forced or frantic or fear based – STOP.

Once you stop you can use REVISION and then walk again from the state of your wish fulfilled.

And remember, all fear and frantic behavior tends to come from one source – expecting it to happen in a specific way – by a specific time (often RIGHT NOW).

Notice what Neville has to say about that:

“Take your desire into the fold by putting yourself into the desired state. Remain there until you feel its reality. Knowing that imagining creates reality, thank your Father and drop it. Now, do nothing on the outside to make it so, only know your desire is yours the moment you do it! Do not expect immediate birth! There are always intervals of time between pregnancy and its fulfillment. One seed may take 21 days, another five months, nine months, a year, or even more. Do not be concerned with the interval of time between the fertilization of the seed and its hatching; only know the seed of desire has been planted in the mind.” – Neville Goddard Quote

feel_it_realDo not be concerned as to when, or how or with whom.  Just live in the knowing that you have planted a seed – you are tending to it – and you are taking NATURAL actions (and abandoning forceful reactions).

Do this, and your dreams will manifest more fully in your life.

Many blessings and peace of mind,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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