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Happy New Years Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

“There is only one cause for the phenomena of life. That cause is God. Housed in you, God is a person in the most literal sense of the word. Believe me, for I know this from experience. God, the only creator, is pure imagination working in the depth of your soul. God began a good work in you and He will bring it to completion on the day God’s creative power is unveiled in you! God’s creative power and wisdom is defined in scripture as Christ. When Christ unveils himself in you, you will know you are God’s power and God’s wisdom.” – Neville Goddard

Free Neville GoddardHi TT and V–

As promised, I’m giving you an update on how things are going for me in applying the Neville Goddard teachings.

The months of November and most of December were very challenging for me. I was doing sessions several times a day and, after my initial successes, nothing further seemed to happen. I felt that my circumstances were “frozen”, and in fact, for much of that time, our area was in the midst of very frigid weather. It seemed that none of the inner work I was doing was having any effect in my outer experience.

When I asked my inner guidance what to do, my only clear prompt was to “clean my house.” I was at the point where finances were getting so low that I thought I would be moving within the next 30 days. At that time, I started a massive house-cleaning project. I figured if I was going to have to move and put stuff in storage, I ought to go through everything, get rid of what I no longer needed, and pack up the rest.

So that is what I did — because there was nothing else I could do! From late November through Christmas I went through *everything* in my home, sorted items to be donated, gifted, recycled, or thrown away, and packed up a number of boxes of items for storage.

The process was both painful and a relief for me, as it required me to do, in essence, a review of my life by going through photos, letters, items from my kids, and all the rest of my possessions. As I told some friends, it felt like cleaning a wound — painful yet I felt much better once it was done.

I am still in cleaning mode, but the bulk of it is done, and some interesting things have happened. 1) Several of my family members have provided some significant financial help to me, enough to ensure that I was able to meet my expenses for December. 2) I received about three times more freelance work in December than normal — that plus the money family shared with me will meet my January expenses. 3) Through networking, I found out a friend’s employer is hiring for a position I’m well-qualified for, and my initial conversation with the company looks promising and 4) a friend has sent some extra work my way, which should generate a good supplemental income for me within the next 2 months.

I think the learning for me is that my inner guidance will always show me the next step to take. Sometimes if you seem to be stuck and nothing is happening despite your best efforts, it simply means that there are things you need to address in your life before your desire will manifest. I have found that heeding one’s inner guidance is a crucial part of manifesting one’s desires.

I wish you both a very happy 2014, and I look forward to whatever the journey will bring. Thank you for the good work you are doing!


Today’s Take Away:  You get life changing results when you apply the teachings correctly.   So stop scattering your energy and take the time to Follow The Formula.

And if you find that there is ANY resistance then let’s get that  out of the way for good in the next ninety days with Manifesting Mastery – because YOU are worth it.    Thank you for being here, and thank you for being you.

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  1. Lois says:

    Wow! Thanks for this. I must says my life has taken a similar pattern as just this weekend I started cleaning and shoping. Bringing in the new and removing the old…

  2. zach says:

    Mr 20/20 I’m not asking what it is but I deff will keep my eyes pealed for the new producted or work you have been working on about sex energy. But I do want to ask if you know if Neville worked with this power? thank you T.T

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zach,

    I don’t know if Neville did – but here is some of what we have done – inspired by what we have read on his writings and more.

    Bless you mate,

    TT and V