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Guard your mind – Negative Manifesting

Hey mate,

Today we want to share with you a letter we received from on of our readers.   Even though it is a bit long, we are choosing to share it in it’s entirety – because it contains a powerful lesson to be learned.    Below it, you will find a link to a free Neville Goddard mp3 – that will take this a step further for you.   Enjoy and thank you mate for sharing!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

I wanted to share this with you. It is a clear demonstration of the fact that we manifest all the time. Good and bad. And as good as we are at manifesting good things, to that same degree, if we don’t (as Neville states: “guard our thoughts”, we can just as effortlessly manifest bad things. Case in point… 

Approximately one month ago I alerted the couple I lease from that my shower tub was in need of repair. They are a young couple raising five small children and dairy farmers milking 70 head twice a day on top of that. Their farm is right next door just down the road.  During that interval they had informed me several times that they would be along to repair the shower and then not show up. No phone call. Nothing. No contact of any kind.  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc… of January came and went and I determined to withhold the rent check until the shower was fixed.

It got to be the 12th and having not heard from them I thought I had better do the honorable thing and take the check to them and look in on them to see if anything was wrong. Was I in for a shock.  When I pulled into their place the husband was rinsing out rather large tank mounted on wheels. It was about 12°F Saturday. I told him that having not heard from them when I was expecting to I felt compelled to bring the rent check and look in on them. He was glad I came up and asked if I wanted “a rundown”.

During the couple of weeks I had been sending out negative, venomous thoughts in their direction for not expediting repairs on my shower, Steve’s Godmother (and favorite aunt) had gotten killed in a traffic fatality, they had one cow that had gotten sick and died and another cow that was sick and required the rental of that special floater tank The husband was rinsing out when I pulled up. To top it all off T.T., their family mini van had broken down and required an expensive repair shop visit.

Needless to say I felt horrible when I got home. Really bad. I was ill. I of all people should know better.  This demonstrates the power of our thoughts (mine anyway) so clearly that I’m making it a priority to send only loving thoughts from now on.  Feel free to share this story. Just change their names to respect their privacy.  Great work as usual. Long live Neville!!!  Warm regards,  Robert

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