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Hi Twenty Twenty!

I loved Manifesting Mastery, and going through it the second time has been even more of a revelation. Great daily exercises and insights! I’ve journaled each day as I went – and have been so delighted with my expansion and progress! Plus – I’ve been seeing it through new ideas on subsequent reading.

Tonight, I bought the Pearl in a whole new way.

Tonight, I *really* got—really ACCEPTED— Neville’s teaching that creation is ALREADY finished! That means that my prayer is ALREADY answered – my desire is ALREADY fulfilled!

Holy guacamole!!!

I need not worry about HOW it may come about – there is no HOW! After all, “how” can you be going to Barbados, if you’re already IN Barbados? Because creation is ALREADY FINISHED, in infinite, unnumbered states!

So there is no question about any desire of mine being possible, or about WHEN any prayer of mine will be answered – it has ALREADY been answered!!!

There is no question of WHETHER it’s done, or HOW it is to be done. It is ALREADY DONE!!!

There is only the accepting of it as done – the accepting of I AM as the ONE WHO is experiencing it!

This makes it all SO VERY MUCH EASIER!!!!!

And that’s just one of the many, many breakthroughs I’ve gotten each time I’ve delved into the material. Thanks so much for an amazing course of pure Neville goodness!

Gratitude and much love,

Grant – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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And NOW – let’s read Grant’s most recent success story: Notice instead of GIVING UP, grant GAVE IN – he SURRENDERED TO THE STATE OF HIS WISH FULFILLED – and he got BIG TIME success in DAYS.  Let’s dive in…

Hey TT and V,

Back in 2015, I had made a sizable financial donation to crowdfunding of a film by a highly-regarded filmmaker I admire. At the time, I wasn’t sure where I’d be living by the time the movie was done, and wondered how they’d get me my donor thank-you gifts, but I donated anyway.

A couple days ago, I received an email saying that as a donor, I can now watch the completed movie online. But I kept wondering about all the other premium goodies I was supposed to have received BEFORE the movie was finished.

So yesterday I wrote an email, asking when those goodies (T-shirts, postcards, autographed collectibles, poster, etc., etc.) would ship out.

I was told they had ALREADY been shipped to me LAST YEAR!

My state started to get contaminated: I thought, wow, what if it was already shipped to me, and then it got lost in the mail, or maybe it was stolen from the mail area in the lobby of my building, or what if they just forgot to ship me something, and they were all out of the premium gifts? “Well, guess I won’t be getting any of it, then.”

But thankfully, I caught myself, and said, “No, I AM the cause of my life, and those goodies are mine.”

TT and V note:  Notice what Grant did next.  He SHIFTED into the state – of having his gifts and goodies – by imagining OPENING AND ENJOYING them.  He knew it was done and….

I thought about how happy I’d be ripping open the package and seeing all the neat stuff and the autograph of a legendary filmmaker. And as my feelings shifted into that state, I was inspired to send them an email this morning, saying no, I’d never received any of the stuff, and could they please look into it, and do they have any tracking numbers?

Then I simply moved on with my day, and didn’t give it another thought.

When I got home TONIGHT, there were two packages in my mailbox – both of them postmarked from Paris (I live in Los Angeles). And you guessed it: the packages contained those goodies I’d been looking for that they said were sent to me sometime last year! Ha!!! I guess the goodies already existed, just waiting for me to give life to the state that they really were mine
Live in the end, people!

Grant – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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