Gails New Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey mate,

Today we share Gail’s newest success story. You may remember her Health and Healing success story, or her Soulmate Success story.

We love sharing success stories like this, because Feeling It Real isn’t about just one or two big wins, what it is is about a whole new way of living life, feeling peaceful and prosperous, being loved. Let’s dive in.

“You must be honest with yourself. All through scripture the question is asked, “What do you want of me?” Some wanted to see, others to eat, and still others wanted to be made straight, or “That my child live.”

Your dimensionally larger self speaks to you through the language of desire. Do not deceive yourself. Knowing what you want, claim you already have it, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give it to you and remember, what you desire, that you have.” Neville Goddard.

Dear TT and V,

Greetings and thanks to my lovely spiritual teachers! I want to share a Neville inspired success story, the type of which I had never experienced before.

heartwood_flower_2I work in the new home industry and have a direct manager that I greatly respect and a division manager above him who is critical, controlling and very judgmental. I’d spent nearly a year and a half silently and verbally complaining about the division manager every time I thought about him. As did my co-workers. A couple of months ago I had an aha moment after reading how Neville and other Free Neville members imagined good for troublesome people, seeing them move on to a place that was perfect for them.

Three weeks ago I found out that the manager I like was moving to a different division and I thought, “oh Lord, we’re stuck with Mr. Happy.” I caught myself though and started imaging Mr. Happy finding a better place and moving on. This week we received a memo that the he had submitted his resignation and was moving back to Maryland to be with family members who need his help. This is a man who detests change and yet off he goes. Even better news, it looks like the manager I respect is going to take his place!

I’ve successfully imagined good before for people I like but this is the first time I’ve been able to set myself and another free from a negative situation. Thank you for all the stellar information you provide. This stuff works!

All the best, Gail

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