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From Ugly Duckling to Radiant and Beautiful – Manifesting Mastery Success Story

Hey Twenty and  Victoria,

I was the ugly duckling in my family…

…short and plump, blemished dark skin and I have battled with this complex my whole life. All my friends had boyfriends but me. In India ugly girls become you know my secret ??.

My whole life has changed!

I must admit that some things I changed even before I knew Neville but I realise now that I was using his techniques in a roundabout way. After knowing him and doing Manifesting Mastery, my whole life has changed. Yes there’s still a lot I need to learn but that I think goes on…….

My first Manifesting Mastery Success Stories!

(I’ve already mentioned how I cured Migraine of 15 year’s in a week or two after lesson 1 of MM… it shocked me …. so also hyperacidity. I used to take antacids before I ate anything spicy. Stopped adding meaning whenever it started and boom! …. amazing . To date, I have not taken any medication. It’s a pity, friends who suffer, don’t even want to try , think it’s BS.)

I had pigmentation on my face which is called ‘Melasma…

It’s common knowledge that there is NO effective treatment for this. There are creams, laser, but all they do is lighten it. But you expose yourself to the sun and bang! It comes right back. There was no cream or treatment that I had not tried. For years. Then of course I discovered Neville… learned a lot. Started the mirror method where I saw the beautiful person with a clear complexion… Me…

Imagined myself at parties without any make up

….and friends admiring my complexion. I did ..What would I feel like, now, were I what I want to be? It took a while as I had not mastered all the tools yet… but then I found the pigmentation gradually fading…. I was excited, got into the state of beautiful.

I would sit down and imagine how good I looked…

…and felt it so real.  Yes a bridge of incident did appear in my world… an event that I did not consciously plan. And I walked across it leading to the fulfilment of my desire. I did not give any causation to it though. Today there’s not a person who does not tell me… what have you done to your skin? I’m in the midst of writing a report on this .

So also my weight loss…

I used to remember when I was fat… and did congratulatory conversations on my lovely figure… and slowly I found myself easily doing workouts I loved, eating only healthy stuff. No effort at all. I loved what I was doing. It was a kind of discipline that I was proud to follow. I just don’t miss the ice creams or the chocolates I used to live on. And I just do not put on any weight where earlier I had just to LOOK at food to get fat ?- revising now ?

Twenty I have you to thank for all this!

I read all your posts, listen to your videos avidly.. not a day goes by without that and though I’m not all there yet— revising— I’m pretty happy with the way my life is going. I found financial freedom, a new dream home…..

I’m now imagining for the Promise ?

Love you both ?

Dr Usha – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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