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From Struggling Artist to Successful Shows – Free Neville Goddard

“Remember, you operate your creative power, it does not operate itself. There must be action, a commitment on your part.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today we are going to share one of the Neville Goddard Success Stories we have received recently. It’s a great example of what happens when you follow your gut, stop putting off what you need to do, and learn how to Feel It Real effectively. Let’s dive in:

In early 2013, I came across the website. I was vaguely familiar with Neville Goddard’s teaching, but instinctively felt I was not appropriating Neville’s teachings correctly. I was immediately blown away by Mr. Twenty Twenty’s ability to translate Neville’s teachings into a practical, user friendly approach. I was thrilled to discover that Mr. Twenty Twenty and his partner Victoria were friendly, engaging people ready to engage any questions I might have regarding Neville’s teachings through email and by phone.

john_artistNeville’s core teaching is that “imagination creates reality.” I am a visual artist. I saw myself being congratulating on having a successful solo art show by my friends and family. I have primarily shown my work in group art exhibitions. For several days, using my “Feel it Real” sessions, I envisioned what it would feel like to be a successful artist with a solo exhibition. While holding true to seeing myself as a successful artist with a solo exhibition show, I had a few false starts along the way. Yet, I am proud to share that in January 2014, I currently have two solo shows running concurrently in two different locations.

Neville teaches that while we are to doing nothing to make it happen, if we are open and receptive, we will be lead in the direction we need to go for our desires to manifest. Part of my journey along the way was to begin exhibiting my work galleries in which I had been too imitated to show my work. I had to follow the inspiration to take my work in directions I had not previously considered. Also, I had to step out of my comfort zone and allow myself to be encouraged by others that appreciated my work.

blues_for_lMy goal manifested in about eight months. It happened so effortlessly that I almost did not recognize the manifestation of my wish when it occurred. I am learning that our wishes become fulfilled when we trust and accept that what we desire is already accomplished. Another important lesson I discovered is that the feeling of the wish fulfilled is always gratitude. By being grateful, we are open to allowing and receiving the manifestation of what we truly desire. I can say without reservation that Neville’s teachings have been life changing for me.

Thank you TT and V for this opportunity to share,


John’s Neville Goddard success story is a pretty typical one, with some very life changing lessons.

Notice what he did:

John paid attention to his feelings.  And when he felt that he wasn’t fully applying Neville’s teachings correctly, he took the time to dive deep into the basics and to work with us in Manifesting Mastery – so he could get the results he wanted.

John also kept sticking with the pure basics that we share here on the site – he kept doing Congratulatory Conversations – and kept the faith – even after a few false starts.

And John remembered the power of the state of Gratitude.   Being grateful for what you have showing up – keeps the floodgates open wide – so you stay in the flow – and that makes your success inevitable.

Today’s Take Away:  Imagine what would have happened if he gave up when he encountered false starts.  Imagine what would have happened if he put off “just one more day”  learning how to do things right.  Imagine if he didn’t take the time to do some coaching and training – how his life might not have shifted BIG TIME.

But because he followed through – stuck with it – and made the commitment – his life has transformed and will continue to in amazing ways.

Thank you for writing John, many blessings to you mate.

TT and V

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  1. Harsha says:

    It’s nice to see Gratitude emphasized here. That is the state of having and is vibrationally (emotionally) the same as the state of success. It is probably the most fundamental and powerful of all self-improvement practices.

  2. Edward says:

    Well done and congratulations John! Thank you for the well told story and thank you Mr. TT and Victoria for the daily lessons. Very good reminders of how to keep it simple.

  3. Tim Norman says:

    Great story, love it!

  4. Karen Dybik Shotz says:

    That story sums it up with clarity. Thank you.

  5. Monalisa says:

    Great success story. I found Nevill Goddard a few years back.. one night while I was searching for more info I found Mr Twenty Twenty. I look forward to his material everyday. It’s so fantastic to see it truly working. Your message inspired me. Congradualations on your success n the future success . Feeling it real n Gratitude is easy for me its the other that u shared so well that trips me up. I kn I need to really get that part. Thank you 20/20 for what you share with us.

  6. claudiacv says:

    Thank you. As a writer hoping to be published, I really appreciate this story/post. It gives me a sense of hope. I`d love to hear from a fellow writer that has used Neville to succeed.

  7. Jerry says:

    I discovered is that the feeling of the wish fulfilled is always gratitude.

    // how could it be anything else, right?


  8. Zdenka Kolar says:

    Thank you for this great story, congratulations, and keep imagining 🙂