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From Fat to Fit with Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today we are going to use Neville’s Feel It Real Formula to help a reader with a life long issue. If you have been working on a change and it has been frustrating – notice how today’s lessons apply to you. Let’s dive in.

I have an issue, a life-long weight loss struggle. I have gained and lost large amounts of weight through my life since age 10 and done this many times. I know exactly what it feels like to be slim. I know exactly what it feels like to be healthy. I do NOT know and cannot seem to imagine what it feels like to be slim without the state of constantly feeling starved and tired. I also cannot seem to imagine what being slim and living a happy, easy life feels like.

First, let’s change your wording a bit.  Because the words we use naturally to describe a current problem are hooked into the feelings we have about it.   Exploring the words and the feelings behind them, can help you release yourself from their death grip.  You said, “I have an issue…”  – that quote keeps it in the present “I Am” state.  Let’s change that to:

“I have HAD an issue…”  – (Notice how that IMMEDIATELY SHIFTS things around inside your body and mind.  Notice how anything bad you had once (but don’t have now) feels better, and opens the door for change.  Use HAD often.)

  • Next, lets make a change to “I do NOT know and cannot seem to imagine what it feels like…” to something much more powerful.

Read your original statement out loud, remember how it felt, and then read this next one.  Let your feelings change – so that your problems are in your past – notice the change in your body.  “I haven’t YET been able to imagine what it feels like…”  – (That’s not perfect, but it is a step that opens the door to imagining that you can.)

I have always been told that my weight loss must be accompanied by tiny amounts of food and massively long workout sessions. So I have come to expect meeting a weight loss goal to always be accompanied by exhaustion, misery and starvation. Obviously, such a lifestyle can only be temporary and inevitably all weight is re-gained. With the help of your emails, and my own reading of Neville, I have thought of a wish-fulfilled session that I am going to try to ‘see’ and imagine: “Pounds are melting away with astounding speed. I feel full, and satisfied with tiny amounts of food – just enough to sustain the weight I know I am.

So it’s time to reject the old programming, and old ways of loosing weight.  You learned the old programming when you were 10.  Time to let that go, like you did other things you learned when you were 10.  How can you reject the old programming?

One method is to REVISE it.  Use REVISION, and imagine being told there is a way to eat TONS of good food, that will help you lose weight and have TONS of energy.   (The Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body book can help you with that.  That program works when everything else failed.)  Use it, along with the kind of programming I used to lower my blood pressure 40 points in a few short weeks.  (I FELT myself as one who responds quickly and easily to NATURAL THERAPY, including MIND THERAPY.)  For details on that, watch this video – click here – CANDID CREATION RECORDINGS

And finally, see your friends congratulating you for having those pounds as HAVING HAD MELTED AWAY.   Notice the verb tense change.   Imagine how those conversations go.  Verbs are POWERFUL.  They truly reveal where and when we are focusing on.

I am so anxious to meet Skinny Me! Thanks again for all that you both do and are. Knowing that you two are thinking about us all the time is so encouraging. I have been faithfully imagining for your blood pressure readings to continue in the normal range, too!  Kind regards and much gratitude to you both,  Phillis – St. Petersburg, Florida

Anxious is a state. So is excited. Be excited for your friends to see and meet the SKINNY YOU that you are.

Blessings Phillis for letting us share your email and use it to teach the Feel It Real Formula to the group.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria



UPDATE FROM PHYLLIS: I have read Neville’s army story so many times, but skimmed right over the ‘touching objects’ part. Thank you for taking me back to that. I printed out your email from yesterday and highlighted the parts that discussed revision. It was instant help. Also a Magical Release, your comment – “a person is telling you that you can eat tons of good food, and it will cause weight loss”. I realized when I read that, that I had previously been ‘feeling’ that everything I ate was making me fat – even healthy stuff! YIKES. I also have Neville’s little book ‘Feeling is the Secret’, which was just frustrating me until you broke down my statements and I could see exactly where the error was. For the first time yesterday, I was actually able to experience results from “I am sleepy, so sleepy, so very, very sleepy”, as Neville suggests; and go into that state akin to sleep. Thanks for the great words. They are so powerful.

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