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Free Neville Goddard – What if what you spoke – kept you broke?

“I must have within me the power to consume that which I now dislike. I, in my ignorance, brought to birth certain things I now dislike and would like to leave behind me. Were there not within me the flames that would consume it, I would be condemned forever to live in a world of all my mistakes. But there is a SHIN, or flame, within the name of the Son, which allows that Son to become detached from states He formerly expressed within the world. Man is incapable of seeing other than the contents of his own consciousness.” – Neville Goddard


Hey mate,

What if what you spoke kept you broke?  – – What if what you spoke delayed or even blocked your blessings?

Every time you say, “I can’t afford it”, have you realized that the feeling that makes you say that creates the state of being able to NOT afford it?

Often people say stuff like that – when they feel uncomfortable saying no.   And when you do that, whey you say “I can’t afford that” and FEEL BAD, you start to create state of doubt, of poverty, of being stuck.

The Good News is that fixing that is EASY.  Here’s a goodie recording for you.  Listen to it – click here.

Many blessings to you today,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  ONE tiny part of the method we share in the recording is using your power of COMMITMENT to tell the IMAGINATION you are single minded and serious about wealth.   As you will hear, Jan committed to buying later – instead of saying, “I can’t afford it” or “just looking”.   Once you do start thinking and responding like Jan did – the CREATIVE POWER of you starts to create the HOW it will happen.   Now you know, comments like, “just looking” or “I can’t afford that”, said while feeling “bad”, can totally block and stop your creative power.   Notice how simple these steps are.  Implement them starting right now.  And watch how RAPIDLY your life changes – big time.  Now go listen to the recording and have an AMAZING DAY!

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