Free Neville Goddard – “What am I”

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Free Neville GoddardLast week, we shared with you a VERY POWERFUL and simple lesson, WHAT IS GOD?

Today we want to take Neville Goddard’s free lesson one step further and explore, “What am I?”

When you get that GOD is IMAGINATION – and not a judge or a cranky old man – GOD WILL grant you richly – like Solomon – BECAUSE you finally allow him to.


And when you get WHAT YOU ARE – and how IMPORTANT you are in CREATION – you will live life to the max!

I tell you: everything is possible to the individual when he knows who he is. You are the Joshua of the Old Testament and the Jesus of the New. And Jesus, your own wonderful human imagination, is Jehovah. He is your awareness, but as long as you see Jehovah as someone other than yourself you will not apply this principle. You must be willing to give up all foreign gods, all idols, and return to the one and only God, whose name is in you as your very being! – Neville Goddard – Wonder Working Power – Courtesy of

Victoria and I today had A DREAM COME TRUE by remembering and applying this principle.  You’ll be reading about that later this week.   What I want you to think about NOW, is this, “What if you got that YOUR VERY BEING is….. what Neville says it is above?”

If you got this, you would eliminate guilt, fear, shame and endless stress from your life.   What if you IMAGINED GETTING THIS TRUTH at a whole new level – STARTING right now?   Imagination BUILDS what we call reality.  Start IMAGINING this FIRST.  Put first – THE KINGDOM of God, getting that it is truly WITHIN you – and notice how your life transforms.

Time to rock and roll!

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. What am I? (Answer this one correctly – and your entire world will transform INSTANTLY). Get it wrong, and you will struggle and block what you want…

  2. Saumya Verma says:

    this is phenomenal.

  3. Victor Nnaji says:


  4. What a great way to start, just imagine it until I can believe it. Wow!

  5. Yeli says:

    I will incorporate this knowledge in my life !

  6. Robert Burns says:

    It’s one of the constant, popular and still unanswered question in the history of man. I guess we can have many answers ranging from the the simple to the complex. Thanks for the post.

  7. Lexi Laura Lulu says:

    Question – I know this post is rather old but I was bouncing around the site looking up some discussion regarding guilt and shame.
    Soooo, by Neville asking us to grasp that we are God and He is even greater than I? and I do this, why do I still feel guilty? Say for example that last night I tied one on and swore I would treat my body like a temple but I did not and spent a good part of the next morning feeling guilty for not treating my body like I promised. Is that guilt “outside” voices or a God that is “outside” me?
    Is the solution just Revision ?
    Very interested because this I am trying to explain to my children who attended a Christian school this last year and at 9 are already wrapped up in guilt.
    Thanks in advance! Lexi 😉

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi LLL,

    It’s pretty simple, your mind has been programmed. So has your kids. Guilt is a very easy program to install, and it’s one that’s pretty darn easy to move beyond. Those articles we’ve written about it will definitely help with that.

    Imagine a life, where instead of having guilt get in the way of what you want, love and joy motivated you – and your kids too.

    Catholic school had me for 12 years. And they did a goodie job programming me too. Victoria has her own stories as well. We all do. Keep going, FREEDOM is well worth it.


    TT and V