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Free Neville Goddard Week in Review and This Week’s Reader Miracle

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Below is the Free Neville Goddard Week in Review – and this Week’s Reader Miracle Story.    Make sure you send your’s in with permission to use it on the site.  We will change the names to maintain your privacy.  Let’s being with the article review and then share Mary’s story.

First, we explored one of Neville Goddard’s Core Beliefs – so that you can make sure you are aligned FULLY with it – so your manifesting and awakening happen easier and faster than ever before – Neville Goddard’s Core Belief’s – Part 1

Then we shared how to STOP creating the negative – and how to much more EFFECTIVELY manifest and create what you really want in life: How To Stop Creating Negative – The Neville Goddard December Mastermind Sessions

And finally, we shared why you should NEVER fake it till you make it, and what to do instead: The Neville Goddard Alternative


Free Neville Goddard“Hi TT,  I am at Starbucks this morning.  A wonderful man had been here maybe two weeks ago.  He had been trying for TWO years to get through the city vendor licensing system to have two food carts at a central location.  And he was so discouraged because effective 12-31 the city was going to only allow new carts to operate 3 days a week rather than 7.  So I overheard him saying all of this to one of the Baristas with whom I am friendly.  Afterwards, I went over to him at his table and said, “If I could share with you…”  and then launched into a discussion on imagining the end of already having the carts, being in his locations, and to go to sleep imagining what he would be doing if in the morning he would be getting up and taking his carts to their locations.  And then he said something like “… but it’s too late and I’ll only have 3 days not 7…”  and I stopped him and said, “no, you already have 7 days…”

“Anyway, today he came into the Starbucks and I heard him talking to Lisa and he was saying “I was talking to this woman before and from that moment everything did a 180; she was like a mystic or something.  I couldn’t believe it, but now I have both carts…”   And as I heard him talking I thought ‘is this the man’ I wasn’t sure because the voice didn’t sound quite as I remembered.  And then he turned around and saw me and said ‘there she is’.  So we have just finished a conversation about how everything turned around for him from that moment and how ‘things just started happening’.   I of course had also imagined for him as well that he had both carts for 7 days a week.  And it happened.   Just thought I’d share another “miracle” story as he called it!”  – Mary

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  1. So happy for all concerned.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It works.

  3. That's really good. Happy that all were benefitted.

  4. Zdenka Kolar says:

    Brilliant! Mary, a mystic or not, you were a true believer, and that's what made this guy believe, too. Thank you for this, and congratulations, you should be proud of yourself 🙂

  5. This is exactly why we do what we do.