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Today’s Neville Goddard Lesson of the day gives us a VERY POWERFUL insight into how Neville viewed, used and respected the HUMAN IMAGINATION as holy. Notice how in the lesson he shares – with the story of his human father – what he means by WALKING IN THAT KNOWLEDGE and the quality of COURAGE.

Too many times, we don’t manifest what we want in life, because we don’t walk in the knowledge and we don’t have enough real courage. Read the story, feel free to share, and let us know what you think.

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“My father would never go to church. He didn’t like the minister at all. What wonderful stories we have of my father and the minister. One day the minister said to my father: “I am one of the chosen.” My father looked at him and said: “I wouldn’t have chosen you.” He was just as brash as that with everything he did. He had no respect for the man. He never saw the inside of a church, except when we children were baptized. When my sixth brother was to be baptized – by this same minister – my father took two sea captains as godfathers. At the last moment the minister asked if the two gentlemen were Episcopalians, and when one claimed to be a Presbyterian and the other a Methodist, the minister informed my father that the child could not be baptized with these men as godfathers. With that my father said: “Give me my son. I will baptize him myself.” He took the child out of the minister’s arms, dipped his free hand in the water, sprinkled it on the child’s face and said: “In the name of Jesus, your name is Fred” and walked out. And that’s his name Fred Goddard.”

“That’s the kind of man my father was and still is. Not a bone in his body lacked courage. He found the Lord as his own wonderful human imagination, so when he wanted something he simply imagined he had it, and walked in that knowledge. I promise you, when you find the Lord and really trust him, you will know a peace you have never known before. You will never again bow before anything or anyone. Knowing that only your own wonderful human imagination is holy, He will be the only one you will ever serve!” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Gregory Nelson says:

    Good blog post on the truth. I learned a lot from it.

  2. Matthew Harris says:

    Great read on neville goddard.

  3. Gregory Cox says:

    Good blog post on the truth. I learned a lot from it.