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Free Neville Goddard – The Truth About Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard Quote“Mr Twenty Twenty, I am so frustrated!!!  I have been visualizing, trying attract in to my life what I want but nothing is happening.  Can you help me?” 4 April 2013

Hey mate,

Let’s explore what Neville really taught, and see if you are doing that or something else.   Answer three questions with me, so we can see if you are doing what Neville taught.

Quiz Question #1:   Neville taught to imagine by visualizing like most people do it today.  Seeing movies of you with your wish fulfilled.  True or False?

When we analyzed 221 Neville Goddard lectures, we discovered that Neville says to VISUALIZE in only 9 lectures.  He tells you to “lose yourself in it” or FEEL IT REAL in almost every single lecture.   It would seem as he knew making a picture of a movie isn’t enough, that we have to fully feel the ideal as real.

Quiz Question #2:  Neville Goddard taught to  ATTRACT what you want into your world.  True or False?

FALSE:  Neville was not all that big into ATTRACTION. In fact, he only mentioned ATTRACT in 3 of the 221 lectures we took apart, analyzed, and dissected.  That’s less than 2% of his lectures, even mentioning ATTRACTION.

If you aren’t attracting what you want into your life – then how does this all work?

On the other hand, he mentioned “create or construct” in over 100 of the 221 lecutres.  (I stopped counting at that point.)

The state you create – that you live from does two things.

  • The state you create determines how you react to the world.
  • The state you create determines how the world reacts to you.

This is why Neville focused so much on state creation.   What’s cool, creating  AWESOME states – does in fact open up the floodgates to miracles.  The KEY is to focus ON CREATING the state, that creates the conditions and circumstances you want in your life.   Then “attraction” happens.

Note:  Remember, we are ONE with God.  God didn’t “attract” light, or the heavens, or the earth, or mankind.   God CREATED them.   You are made in the image of God.  That’s what Neville taught, that’s what we teach too.


QUIZ QUESTION #3:   Neville was part of the Positive Thinking and Affirmation Movement.  True or False?

FALSE:  Neville was not a “positive thinker”, and he didn’t all that often teach affirmations.  (They do have their place, and you’ll learn more about that in the package.)

One reason why many people are STILL frustrated, is that they are “positively thinking”, instead of Nevillizing.   Here is an example.

Positive thinking is where you get stuck on the dot.   Where you talk positively (when things obvously aren’t good), or you create “positive hallucinations” focused entirely on a specific “sticking point” in life. Like “I don’t have a clunker, I have a new bmw”.  Or “I am not all alone, this photo of a model is my new life partner”.

Walk around like that and you’ll notice that people tend to think you are nuts. So stop wasting energy trying to put a positive spin on a POINT – by thinking or hallucinating positive about it. 

What Neville did instead was he primarily constructed congratulatory scenes that IMPLIED you got your results AND your life has taken a whole new path.  It wasn’t a positive “spin” on the car or the partner, it was a NEW PATH you have taken in life.   And when you do it this way, if feels as if you have been REBORN.

Neville would have you IMAGINE AND FEEL REAL the congratulatory dinner, that implies your new level of success and happiness.  That’s Nevillizing, that’s feeling it real. That kind of imaginal act is supporting the PATH your life has taken – by IMPLYING that shifts have happened – in your conscousness and in your physical world.

“Positive hallucinations focused on a POINT (new car – 1 million dollars – a partner that looks like a model) don’t work nearly as well as CONGRATULATORY scenes and CONVERSATIONS (not affirmations)- that imply that your life is on a new PATH.”

Don’t just take our word for it.  You can see for yourself in the package below.  You get a great 45 minute recording (the one we love to give live where we live, and a great set of handouts that really puts it all into perspective.  That way, you are doing EXACTLY what Neville did, not what many frustrated people THINK he did.

ONE MORE POWERPOINT:  Neville taught affirmations, just a tiny bit – in only a few lectures once again.   But he focused much more on the CONGRATULATORY CONVERSATIONS you have inside your head.  We love teaching about them, and sharing the other insights, because THEY ACTUALLY WORK.

The Next Obvious Step

To keep spreading the word, we have a 45 minute talk that we give on this at the local Unity centers, and the LOA meet up groups. If you are local (in Melborne, Australia) keep your eyes peeled (or ask us about them). If you want to get this same talk as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD, with our handouts and notes so you are sticking with Neville’s most effective methods – it is on special TODAY.

TESTIMONY:  This is gooooood stuff.   I love how you take what most people do and teach – and compare it to what Neville actually taught most often, and kept telling his audience to return to.   The Power Points you teach in this recording are exactly what I have been looking for.  

Click to download The Truth About Neville Goddard – 45 Minute Talk Recording and the notes and handout instantly below.   Thank you and many blessings!   Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

 (If you don’t see an order button, email us and we can manually process your order)


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  1. jen says:

    Hi Mr. 2020,

    Instead of audio, do you have any ebook regarding similar “feel it real” coming soon? I prefer reading than listening to an audio (if there is a choice)

    Many thanks,

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Jen,

    We are considering doing this one up as a ebook and kindle too. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Many blessings,

    TT and V

  3. Samara Lobato says:

    Great article. I too remember when I used to get stuck for mixing the LOA with Nevillizing, now my sessions feel real & brings me an inner peace/confidence that my congratulatory scene is done & will come to pass. Thanks TT. 🙂

  4. Jose Salvador Palomeke says:

    Con un traductor estoy tratando de conocer todo lo que enseñan estas páginas. Me gustaría saber si existe en español lo que aquí ofrecen, existe este conocimiento en español? Muchas gracias.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hola Jose,

    There isn’t much in spanish yet. Many requests, little help so far.

    Blessings mate, reach out anytime.

    TT and V