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Free Neville Goddard – The Truth about Bob Hope – by Neville Goddard

When you say, “they got lucky”, or “they have so much because they work hard”, or “they are successful because they are a natural”, you DENY the principles of Neville.

Neville Goddard and Bob HopeBecause when you buy into success because of luck, hard work, or being a natural – you deny the power of the imagination.

And I bet that isn’t helping things at all.

The truth is – The Imagination is The Master Key – to both success and spiritual growth. And as long as we attribute success or awakening to ANYTHING more than that, we deny the methods of Neville – and some say we even set ourselves up to be victims of circumstance. (What do you think?)

In today’s Neville Goddard lesson, you are going to hear the INSIDE SCOOP on one of the world’s most famous and wealthy entertainers of Neville’s time – Mr Bob Hope.

Neville states that he knows EXACTLY why Mr Hope was so successful – because he has personal knowledge, he has the inside scoop.  And no, it’s not luck, hard work, or Mr Hope being a natural.

Listen to this snip from “God and I are One” – from The God Lectures – Neville Goddard In His Own Voice. Notice how Neville never projects power outside of his Imagination. Notice how Bob Hope rose from such humble circumstances – by the power of his goals – his vision – his divine Human Imagination.

Neville Goddard on Bob Hope’s Succcess – Click to listen to this freebie!

(You can listen to the entire recording by clicking on this link: Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – Volume 1 – The God Lectures.

And if you want to dial it up a level higher in your life…

Just take a few moments today – to notice where in life YOU and the people around you ACTIVELY BLOCK the power of The Wonderful Human Imagination – God in life – by saying things like, “he is lucky”, “hardworking”, or “a natural”.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS: We love listening to Neville Goddard – In His Own Voice because of insights and stories he shares like this.   More to come.   Think SMOKING is bad for you? Think politics has the answer? What about reading the paper – watching the news?  What did Neville REALLY think about all these things?  How do they fit into his principles and philosophy?  Neville shares all of his thoughts on these things – and more in the different recording sets we share below.  Listening and noticing how Neville is 100% congruent in his principles and belief system – inspired us to notice where we were not before – and that has made all the difference. Have a great day!

Neville Goddard in his own Voice – Volume 1 – The God Lecture Series –  Click here.

Neville Goddard in his own Voice – Volume 2 – The I Am Lecture Series –  Click here.

Neville Goddard in his own Voice – Volume 3 – Neville Answers Your Questions – Click here!

Learn – Listen – Remember – Your consciousness is God.

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4 Comments on "Free Neville Goddard – The Truth about Bob Hope – by Neville Goddard"

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  1. Bill says:

    “Chance plays no part in success. Whoever looks on a leader with envy merely looks at him with ignorance. For every man who attains supremacy of any kind has done SOMETHING to earn it.”

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    I imagine every day – to the point that ACTION happens – in the part of the universe called my body – and in the universe it self.

    It’s like the body is the part of the universe that lets me know – “message received and now acted upon”.


    Mr Twenty Twenty

    PS: I tell clients all the time, if you can’t imagine to the point where your BODY experiences a shift – a release – a response – a call to easy action – then you haven’t got it yet.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Neville TAUGHT. He wrote books. He spoke on stage. He counseled people.

    He didn’t “just imagine” people getting his message – then lock himself in a closet to prove it would happen. He imagined to the point that he took his inspired action – and only INSPIRED ACTION.

  4. Bill says:

    Twenty, as you say in one of your recordings: Intention sets direction, but you must also act.

    Here’s another great quote:

    “The man who ACTS possesses courage, promptness, faith, quick-wittedness, farsightedness, unbending will, a holy zeal, and the power to mass his forces on a set point at a set time for a set purpose. Such traits are rare and in need of praise. They command the rewards of the world, they summon the gifts of the Gods.”