Free Neville Goddard – The Manifesting Methods – The Street Car Method

“Taking the streetcar home from work…”

“…that first Christmas Eve, she found the car filled with young boys and girls, singing and happy, and she could not restrain the tears.”

“Lucky for her it was raining…”

“…so she extended her face to the heavens and let the rain mingle with her tears. As she tasted the salt of her tears she said to herself: “This is not a streetcar, but a ship and I am not tasting my tears, but the salt of the sea in the wind.”

“While she physically held…”

…the rail of the streetcar, she mentally touched the rail of a ship moving into Samoa. Physically tasting the salt of her tears she imagined it was the salt of the sea.”

“As the streetcar reached its destination…”

“…she was entering the bay of Samoa, feeling the moonlight shining on her body and hearing a voice say: “Isn’t it a heavenly night.” Two weeks later this girl received a check for $3,000 from a law firm in Chicago. It seems that two years before, her aunt had left the United States, requesting that if she did not return, the money was to be given to her niece.”

“Within one month…”

“…the girl was on a ship sailing for Samoa. Coming into the bay, she saw a ship plowing through the water leaving lovely white foam in its path. As the moonlight touched the wake, its spray touched her face and a man standing near said: “Isn’t it a heavenly night.” At that moment her outer senses experienced what she had used her inner senses to make real! ” – Neville Goddard

Free Neville GoddardHey mate,

This is how it works – when you FOLLOW THE FORMULA.  Notice what Neville said…

“Within one month….”

Let’s see how she had such lovely success, so simple, so fast today.

“I am not tasting my tears, but the salt of the sea in the wind.”

This is a fascinating lesson to take home, because the young lady took something physical in her world, her tears – and she expanded them into part of her vision by making them the salt of the sea. Neville says, we must “know and occupy” the state of the wish fulfilled, and this young lady found a way to KNOW her state more fully, by taking what was in her physical world – and linking that to her imaginal act.

“Isn’t it a lovely night.”

Notice how she made that THE SINGLE ACT that would imply and anchor in – having arrived.

She saw and she felt the wish fulfilled – and anchored it in with a simple phrase she could EXPERIENCE anytime she needed to return to the state of the wish fulfilled. What single phrase can you use in your vision – that implies that it has been fulfilled?

And remember, each vision has it’s own appointed hour.   Eliminate all anxiety and the chance of mental miscarriage just by feeling CERTAIN that it is true already. As Neville says in the quote below:

Neville_Goddard_Barbados_Success“I know that when I was told I could not get out of the island of Barbados for at least six months and I desired to leave immediately, I assumed I was walking up the gangplank of the ship. I felt the dampness of the rail and tasted the salt air of the sea with the feeling of certainty that I was leaving for America.”

“I made that gangplank so real that I hadn’t even broken the spell before the phone rang and I was offered passage for the following week. Although I had been told that I was on the bottom of a list of over two thousand names, my family and I were singled out to board that ship. So I know that the truth of any concept is known by the feeling of a certainty, a peculiar knowingness that it is true.” Neville Goddard

Neville_Goddard_PowerNeville’s “test of truth”…

…is that feeling of certainty, that peculiar knowingness that it is true. He doesn’t look on the outside for evidence, he rests in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and VictorIa


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8 Years of Anxiety – TOTALLY GONE in THREE WEEKS!

Hi  guys!

I have had unexpected but very welcomed change. I have been doing the activities suggested in Manifesting Mastery.

Have repeated some activities so I’m not as far along as would be if I hadn’t repeated but I’m ok with that. I have a few of your other products and have used them as I’m led to.

I haven’t gotten a large cash windfall or the new SUV I want, however something has happened that is probably worth a little more.

Eight years ago my wife was diagnosed with endometrial cancer that progressed to terminal stage after treatment. We chose to do in home hospice.  I began experiencing irregular heartbeats probably from the stress and while not fatal, were uncomfortable and sometime a little scary

A little over 3 weeks into MM, I woke up without an irregular HEART beat and it hasn’t returned. Neither has the accompanying anxiety. 

I had been experiencing both since 2012. The only thing that’s different over that period was doing MM coupled with your other goodies. NO drugs, therapy etc.

This probably doesn’t seem like much, but the impact on my quality of life has been huge. 

Thanks for all you do!

Leon – Week 3 – ManifestingMastery

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi guys
    The timing of this last lesson could honestly not have been better for me, very difficult week, and was finding it sooo hard to deny outer appearances just as i thought i was at the “finish line” was then thinking oh just face facts! This has just got me right back on track, thank you so much for the time, support you give to all of us here, i really do not think you appreciate how much you give ! Love and blessings

  2. Nat says:

    Bless you Karen. Good thoughts for you.

  3. ash says:

    Hey guys,

    Is it possible for you to do one of these break downs- as it were- about the story Neville told about the grandmother who had revised her day writing the letters that she hoped she had received from her grandson and daughter in law and how she may have made that manifest?


  4. MrsGwennD says:

    Good examples.

  5. As we unpacked a load of groceries, here in our small NY apartment, hubby was lamenting the lack of space to store our supplies and ‘pantry items’. I heard myself say, “We are NOT outgrowing our apartment — we are instead…growing INTO OUR NEW HOME IN New Orleans..” And then, mentally I went immediately ahead – felt the cans in my hand, closed my eyes, got quiet. And felt it real: I was actually unpacking in our our new house, down South!!