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Free Neville Goddard Quote – Walk in the Assumption – Don’t just sit there.

Free Neville GoddardHey mate,

Today’s Free Neville Goddard quote and lesson focus on three main points we would like to focus on..

  1. Dare to assume you are the man – already the man you would like to be.
  2. Walk in that assumption just as though it were true.
  3. You will be led across a series of events toward the fulfillment of that assumption.

Read the quote, and we will share a story and lesson right below it.

Now tonight you take it, though everything in the world denies it. Reason denies it, your friends will deny it, and you dare to assume you are the man – already the man, already the woman – you would like to be, and that things are already what you would like them to be. And as you dare to assume that you are, and you walk in that assumption just as though it were true, in a way that no one knows you will be led across a series of events toward the fulfillment of that assumption, and no power in the world can stop it if you are persistent in that assumption. Believe that imagining creates reality“Neville Goddard – from the Lecture SUMMARY – Courtesy of

Years ago, I assumed that I am “the man” who works online, who shares his life and his story – in a way that blesses people and supports his family, a man who keeps growing, and getting stronger and stronger every day. Today, I am that man. (Notice that I didn’t focus on STUFF to make me happy. I focused on WHO I am first, just like Neville says. Assume you are “the man”.

I walked in the assumption. I didn’t just SIT in it. I walked the path of the writer, the speaker, the coach, the trainer. Walk the path.

And I have been led across a series of events, that has made my life even much more interesting than it was YEARS ago, when I started on this quest. I have met and trained with some of the most effective and beautiful people in the world. I have traveled the world, moved to Australia, gotten more fit than I have in over 20 years… all because I chose a new life to live – to participate in – by choosing a new man to be.

Believe and be blessed.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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  1. Walk in the assumption, don't just sit there. How to avoid the mistakes many make when it comes to manifesting your ideal lifestyle.

  2. Your focus on the word "walk" range bells with me. Even though I have read this many times I didn't get the implication. Thank you. Keep sending the explanations out.

  3. Ray O Brien says:

    Howdy from the emerald Isle I enjoy reading your article . I have been a big fan of Neville for many years now and often find that I adjust my understanding of his writings it is as though you grow the more you read them. I am trying to find out a little more about the man he calls Abdullah . I sometimes think he may have been someone or even someones who's identity he wanted to enigmatise in order to add a dead end to those who sought to break apart his theories, have you come across anything on Abdullah. Rgds Ray O B

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ray,

    Haven’t come across much on Abdullah. Hopefully someone here in the community can share more. Will keep you in the loop. Thank you for being here mate.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Dorothy. We always love hearing from you. Guess who is getting married this weekend? Be well our friend.

  6. a thousand times thanks for teaching us how to change our thoughts and actions, I am getting there and passing the word on to friends and family.

  7. WhiteRhino says:

    I’m amazed to see so many teachers from the past describing what quantum physicist are now calling String therory or M theroy. All possibilities are in a state of potential and await consiousness to call them in to exsistance. All of these lessons are so clear. The challenge is to turn away from what we were taught was real to what we know in our hearts to be real. We choose our experience and are 100% responcible for or lives.

    Thanks for sharing Nevile’s wisdom with us all.