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Free Neville Goddard Quote: Are You Unconditionally Accepting Your Blessings – or Blocking them?

“What they really wanted was to be happily married. Claiming it had to be that man, I have asked: “If he dropped dead right now would you still have the urge for companionship? If you would, then he is not the only man.” Know what you want in life and do not condition it. If your desire is to be happily married, claim you are. Wanting a certain home, claim you have it. Don’t think you cannot afford it, simply play the wishing game. Find your desire in God’s wish book. Speaking to you through the medium of desire, make your desire real by feeling its truth. View the world from its fulfillment. Lose yourself in the feeling of possession and give it all the tones of reality. Fulfill every desire as you walk towards the fulfillment of your real purpose in life, which is to awaken God in you.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

What if you were blocking your blessings – by putting conditions on them?  (Instead of unconditionally accepting them.)

What if you were blocking them with conditions like, HOW you think it must  happen WHO you think it must be with.   (You might want to know how to handle that.)

“Because when you try to force your blessing through a particular means – you actively block the blessing from coming to you easily and elegantly.”

So how do you know – when you are forcing your blessing by putting conditions on it?   Here is my story.

I tried forcing my blessing through a particular business venture. One that according to research should make good money and give me a chance to serve my clients well. My head said it had to be through that business. And I kept experiencing lack, frustration, and most importantly – I couldn’t feel it FULLY.  But I sure could feel fear and frustration right around the corner.

Then one morning, the shift happened.

“When you realize what it is you REALLY want – by removing conditions from it – the universe moves.”

Imagine waking up and realizing one morning, that what you REALLY wanted was simple.  I wanted to make a decent living – while serving people – helping their lives improve. And it didn’t matter how it happened, with who it happened, or when it happened. What if you got in that moment – that it HAD HAPPENED ALREADY somehow, and from that moment onward – you get to discover the who, how and when.   Life suddenly becomes an adventure in discovery – instead of being something you had to force.

“You start coming from a place of loving confidence, peace, and certainty – with a healthy dose of creative curiousity. Every day getting to discover the part I get to play in the perfect realization of the vision.”

When I got clear about what I wanted, removed my obsession with HOW it had to happen, and didn’t try to force it through the business I thought it needed to be through, everything shifted – the universe moved.

Here’s the key:  Only you can tell, if you have IDENTIFIED what you want – at the level where it manifests fully – the level of unconditionalness.   And you can tell if this is true or not, by noticing if you FEEL like you are forcing it, being frantic, being fearful – or are you FEELING IT COMPLETELY – knowing that it is done.

Neville says, “Know what you want, and do not condition it.”  When we get that what we want is “happily married”, and do not condition the wish – on having to be married to a specific person – we open the floodgates for it to happen – in the most elegant way. When I stopped trying to force my business to go in the direction I THOUGHT would be most profitable and beneficial for me and my clients – a whole new way of doing business grew up “out of the blue”.  New ways of serving and being blessed came up out of the blue – ways that felt better – and paid me better – than anything else I could have FORCED – by wanting it to happen “my way.”

So what are you FEELING about your vision?   Is it open enough that you fall completely into the state of it?  Or is it too rigidly defined – forcing it in a way that creates fear and frustration for you?   That is part of how you can identify if you are being unconditional or not.

And remember, it’s all about discovering – we are ONE with God – the wonderful human imagination – and that is the cause of all.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Thank you, and Many Blessings.

  2. Thank you, and Many Blessings.

  3. uccello1983 says:

    I read the Neville Reader almost everyday and in a section in that book, Neville clearly says how you can influence a specific person to do what you want them to do. I diasgree when you say don’t get specific. He says anyone can become your slave if you do it the right way. Just thought I should post. Thanks.

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Uccello,

    Thanks for the opportunity to clarify mate. We don’t say, “don’t get specific”. We to suggest taking the time to notice if you are getting too specific – in how – or who for example, so that your intentions do not become forceful or manipulative.

    Have a great day!

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Jeanette!

    Many blessings too!

    TT and V

  6. Brigitte says:

    Hi Mr Twenty Twenty – thanks for daily emails helping us all learn to allow our dreams in the most easiest and feel good way possible – I am wondering if you could give examples of how you – ‘ When I stopped trying to force my business to go in the direction I THOUGHT would be most profitable and beneficial for me and my clients – a whole new way of doing business grew up “out of the blue”. New ways of serving and being blessed came up out of the blue – ways that felt better – and paid me better – than anything else I could have FORCED – by wanting it to happen “my way.”’ I find that many (well me anyways) learn with real life experiences shared by others who have successfully “done” and how they have “done” what is now their reality – and only once a dream/desire/want – thanks so much- and ps. anyone else who would love to share examples/steps etc of successful changes/outcomes – dreams becoming reality – please do share – I would love to hear/read about it – I do find it gets me in that feel good moment.

    thanks so much – and have a wonderful day!

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Brigitte,

    Here is one of mine from a number of years ago. I was attempting to teach private lessons 30 hours a week in both Asian and Native American healing skills. Where I lived at the time made it quite a challenge. One day, I realized that I could teach a class – video tape it – sell it on ebay. That is how I got my start online. The idea was out of the blue.

    My intent was to help people – and make a decent living. Doing it one on one and in small groups in rural Pennsylvania wasn’t working. When I opened up – I discovered a whole new way to serve, and be provided for.


    Mr Twenty Twenty

    PS: A huge part of that, is noticing what it is you REALLY want. I wanted to help people and make a decent living. I tried to force it through a LIVE teaching model, which couldn’t possibly work. When I opened up to service – using technology – everything changed.

  8. Matt L says:

    Boy, this lesson on unconditional creation was so timely for me. I can feel the tug of the Universe pulling me in the direction of this teaching lately. Just today I told a friend, “I’m getting this feeling that a great manifestation is upon me, bigger than I could have ever dreamed it.” Like someone has taken over the steering wheel, and all I have to do is believe, and keep my foot on the gas pedal, and know that I’m heading in the direction of the greatest good. Of course, I produce my projects, keep my skills up, and stay open to contacts—which are increasing daily. And I can see now that some of my talents didn’t take off in their singular aspects because it is the collaboration of all my expression, IN TOTAL, that are being fused together and used for the mutual benefit of me and us and everything. I thought I was getting excited by my Life now, but it’s nothing compared to the glee that God is waving through me because I listened, not to me, but to Love. And that’s a language we were born to speak. Because that’s what we’re made of. And that’s what’s driving the car—even when it’s been a long, long haul—to a more beautiful place than I could have ever imagined.


  9. adesh says:

    very nice and helpful article..
    but i want to ask the role of love here..if you love somebody very much and that’s why want them in your life as a married better half..Is it wrong to ask and think that it happens for us..?

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Adesh,

    Truly loving another will invite them into your life. So feel free to see you married, and allow them to grow toward that possibility as well. Love is what we are, what we share, and what does make life possible.



  11. MsT says:

    Greetings 🙂

    Many times he repeated the directive about “giving it all the tones of reality.” But did he ever explain how to do that? What does that really mean?

    How do I know what I would feel like having/being something I haven’t yet experienced having/being? And how can a person give any visualization “the tones of reality” if they are not specific about what they want?

    When you say “decent living,” was there more too it than that? Like a dollar amount?

    I’m a little confused because “unconditional” and “tones of reality,” which to me implies specificity, seem to be at odds.