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Free Neville Goddard Quote: Are you starting at the highest level?

Hey mate,

If you want a more fulfilling job, or a a higher level of success – today’s Neville Goddard lesson will help you experience just that.  Inspired by several reader emails, let’s see what Neville has to say today.

“While here in this world, I asked myself how I would go about being the artist who could make myself into the image of a successful minister of the word of God. I knew I would have to start on the highest level by assuming I had finished what I was starting to do, and I knew I would have to remain faithful to that end, that image. This I have done.” – Neville Goddard – The Artist is God

How can you go about being the artist – the artist who could make yourself in to your ideal image of success?   Neville says to being with assuming you have finished what you are starting to do – assume that feeling and remain faithful to that end.

“If you are willing to apply this principle and let it happen, you will become the successful businessman, doctor, minister, or whatever you desire to be. If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact, because you are God and your only opponent is yourself.” – Neville Goddard – The Artist Is God

The next step is to live as if it were true.   Notice, are you reacting to the world – as that successful businessman, doctor or minister or what ever it is you have desired to be?  If you are imagining effectively, your body and your behavior (which are both part of the universe that is moved by your imaginal activity) will show it.   Neville imagined himself that minister, and his body and behavior followed his wonderful human imagination.

So today – do these three things:

  • Identify today, exactly what you want to be in this world. –  Don’t be vague – be specific in your vision – and you will feel a spark inside.
  • Begin at the highest level – see yourself having finished – see and feel in your sessions – having finished (having become successful) at what you have started.  
  • And live as though it were true.  Come from that state in your actions and reactions in the world today.

Remember and know that no power on Earth can stop it – or stop you.   For you are the wonderful human imagination – the power that gives life to your body – and direction to your life.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  If you haven’t seen the video we shared yesterday – click here to watch it.   An awesome example of imagining a new level of life and not buying into the world of appearances.


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  1. I desired to be an award-winning singer/songwriter, recording artist along with my singer/songwriter husband and we held fast to that desire of being. We are that now under our name aka Level Seven.

  2. Excellent. We are chatting about this right now, over coffee. At any time we can assume we are "x", then the world of the shadow, moves toward that. (On the other hand, if we assume we are our shadow – body – history, then we have to struggle toward that, or make excuses about why we can'd to it. Assume the state, be the change – now.