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Free Neville Goddard – Please Help Me fix this.

freeneville3wordsHey mate,

Let’s dive into a reader’s request for help this morning, use some of Neville’s methods, and see what you can apply in your own life today.   The BOLD indented paragraphs are the original reader’s email, followed by our shifts and suggestions.  Enjoy and feel free to share wildly!

Hi TT and V, I am so stuck today – I’m deflated – confused – lost and somewhat overwhelmed.
“I am so stuck today”, keeps it present, alive in you – because you are using your I Am power.   Let’s move things around a bit using “I Remember When”.  Using “I remember when”, that sentence becomes:  “I remember what it was like to have been so stuck earlier today, deflated, confused, overwhelmed.”
Neville’s I Remember When approach moves that into the past – and the past is the past – even if it’s just a short time ago.  And moving that there creates the space so that you can say something like, “And now I am seeking and getting more and more clarity.”
Notice This:  The “I AM” part in the sentences is now is empowering you, because we have shifted the “stuckness” into the past with the “Remembering When – inspired by your original email” .
“I’ve read everything and i’ve applied it but I’m just not getting it.  I’ve done the visualizing – I’ve felt myself drive the car – I’ve opened the door to my own home – I’ve walked around inside my home, tucked my little one into her own bed in her own room and I’ve cooked the fabulous dinners in my kitchen – I’ve seen myself excel at work and all of this but nothing is moving or budging.”
The main thing we notice here is the focus on “the point”, where you want the difference – the positive shift to be in life.    This is a common mistake, one of the “big three” people make with Neville’s approach.  (We are working on a Special Report – The Simple Truth About Neville Goddard (coming soon), where we share the truth about Neville’s work,  with 3 major points, and this touches on one of them – on Positive Thinking and Neville Goddard.)
Notice this:  Neville was NOT a positive thinker.   A positive thinking visualization is a mistake many people make, and that is what you are describing here, where you focus on something Negative (the old house and car situation) now being positive.  In your visualization, the focus is on the house and the car situations in your life having changed into “something positive”.
Neville’s methods were way beyond “positive thinking and visualizing”.  We are moving from focusing on the POINT, where you want the change, to the new PATH your life is on.
Neville would have your life be on a different PATH, one where you are Feeling It Real – being CONGRATULATED by friends and family – on your new home and car.  This Congratulatory Scene would IMPLY that the scenes you have imagined are NOW TRUE.  We explore this in detail in the Feel It Real Power Pack as well.  This brings in the power of The Witnesses to your life changes.
POWERPOINT:   Never focus on “the point” where you want a positive change.  Instead, focus on THE PATH your life has taken, since you shifted.  To do that, develop a scene that follows it sometime in your future,  that is CONGRATULATORY, that implies the wish has been fulfilled.
Let’s continue with the original letter for help using Neville Goddard’s methods.
“I’m so desperate for things to change but I’m stuck.  Then I get myself to a “happy place” and the minute I do the gratitude journal and the rampage of appreciation for all I have and the thankfulness for everything I have, something goes wrong and my whole soul sinks.  Please – take some time out of your day to help me get this right.  Pretty please.  I want to change things for my little one – I cant go on like this.  I just cant.  I’ve seen it work for others – I’ve watched others live great lives – I’ve watched and helped others build from nothing but cant seem to do it for myself  and I dont know what could possibly be wrong with me that I’m great but just never enough.  Please help!”
Listen to this intro from Create The State.   That will help with the feelings of desperation.
We want you to finally, Imagine that NOTHING is wrong with you.   You are enough, you are great.  What is is like, to see the world through those eyes?
Many Blessings,
Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria
“Omnipresent, God is alive in you now, so I ask you to test Him. Would you like a better job? Greater income? Greater recognition? What would you do right now if it were true? Now test God by thinking of a friend. Hear him congratulate you on your good fortune. See his face light up with joy and feel his presence. Do that, and you have performed a magical act, for God has acted and all things are possible to God.  You do not have to devise the means necessary to make your imaginal act come to pass. He who thought of the friend and saw the whole thing will build a bridge of incident across which you will move to the fulfillment of that which has been done. That is Christ! ” – Neville Goddard 


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  1. Excellent commentary

  2. Excellent points TT.. spot on. I’ve seen that when I BECOME that which I wish to be in my mind AND my body things change very rapidly. This means that I have to fully feeling myself as already being, having or doing that which I am seeking to have, be or do.

    Whenever I’ve tried to manifest things in the past that were beyond the range of what my unconscious was wiling to accept, I experienced similar “let downs”. What I discovered was that this was the universe reflecting back to me where I was stuck and what needed to be cleared for me to have what it is was that I was wanting.

    The way I overcame the blocks was first to let go of the idea that I had to be perfect to get what I wanted, and that I had to “heal” myself. Then I discovered that whenever issues with “negative” feelings would come up, I would simply become a witness and watch them, and in the process recognizing them as old patterns that were just reflecting my own unbelief, or lack of faith.

    This takes practice, but when I understood that they were the result of old learned behaviors and beliefs and were coming up to be healed, I found that all that was really required was for me to allow them to be there and they would clear up on their own and often never return. On the rare occasion that they did, I just did the same thing and eventually ALL of it went away!

    I also found that it was very useful to actually LOVE the issues and feelings within me as they arose. This opened my heart and allowed for the Divine to come in and heal what was blocking me in real time without me having to do a thing. In other words, I had to create space, and take the ME out of the equation. I am not the creator.. God is. I simply ask and wait, and what I want will show up in due course.

  3. Bellezas says:

    I love this Terri!This is exactly how I do it I have to see, feel and bevilee that it is happening right now with as much detail and clarity as possible.This is so powerful and can cure addictions, help you to achieve successful work outcomes and manifest exactly what you desire.It does take time for certain things and constant vigilance and daily practice, while in other cases it can happen very quickly.Thank you for sharing this very powerful tool!Nina Vucetic