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Free Neville Goddard – Neville’s Secret Weapon

Dream Like God - Free Neville Goddard LecturesHey mate,

If you ever wanted to do the day over…

…or wished one or two things had gone VERY differently, then today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson is for you.

And that’s why today we are going to study Neville’s Secret weapon in detail – The Power of Revision.

Neville’s Secret Weapon?

You can use this method – like Neville does – at the end of every day and you will find that you sleep better, and your days start changing very powerfully.

After the quote – we have a great list of SIMPLE STEPS – Power Points for you – and look for a special goodie in your inbox very soon.

“I take my day and I review it in my mind’s eye. I start with the first incident in the morning. I go through the day; when I come to any scene in my unfolding day that displeased me, or if it didn’t displease me if it was not as perfect as I thought it could have been, I stop right there and I revise it. I re-write it, and after I have re-written it so that it conforms to the ideal I wished I had experienced, then I experience that in my imagination as though I had experienced it in the flesh.” – Neville Goddard –

Here is ONE of the ways we do REVISION:

  1. Dedicate a few moments to be still – and use your mind’s eye to start your review of your day.
  2. When you come upon ANYTHING less than exactly what you wanted – begin at once to REVISE it.
  3. When it takes on the tones of reality – and and when you KNOW with your being that REVISED REALITY will ripple powerfully – positively into your future…
  4. Experience GRATITUDE – knowing that you have blessed your world – with your imagination.

Use that as a BASIC BATTLE PLAN – when you REVISE your day – and before you know it – in the most natural way – your life will transform – from the inside out.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. After a recent dental procedure at the vet, our beloved cat Jake was found to have cancer in the back of his mouth. They told us, even though the tiny growth was removed, that he would only live another three months, if that. We were devastated. We are caring for him, and he’s still fine, eating healthy, and doing all the ‘cat stuff’ he did prior to the surgery. I have begun revising. Instead, the vet said to me on the phone, “we found a growth in Jake’s throat and these can sometimes be a problem. But from the look of it, it does seem like we removed it all. And it should not grow back..” I rejoice in the good news, and thank her. That of course is ‘not a FACT’…but the point of revision is feeling the other outcome as real, occupying the mood of THAT…not the ‘facts’.