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Free Neville Goddard Lesson: What to do when you are in pain and suffering.

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_powerHey mate,

Today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson is in response to one of your emails, a letter to us that asked,


Read Neville’s quote below, and then how we apply it.  This could be one of the missing pieces you have been searching for.

“You can use anything as a dilemma. That’s me. My blood indicated one thing in a certain test and the opposite in another. The tests only confirmed what I already knew: that the cause of my discomfort lay in the depth of my soul and not in any secondary cause – such as a thyroid, heart, liver, kidney, or anything outside of myself.

I am wearing a body, but it is not me. I put myself into this body, which limits me. I am its operant power. It cannot be causeful, as it only reflects what I am entertaining in my imagination. I must not justify it, condemn, or excuse myself in any way. Knowing I did not feel well, I changed my feeling, and when the tests (which I had taken to please the one I love) came back, I learned I was a dilemma.

I ask you to take the same responsibility. To not pass the buck to any person, organization, situation, or circumstance, but to discover for yourself that imagining truly does create reality. If the cause of all life is God, then God must be all imagination. And because you can imagine, then – like God – you are pure imagination in yourself. Regardless of what reason and your senses deny, you can imagine anything and bring it to pass if this premise is true.” – Neville Goddard

Neville shared that we are NOT our body, we are it’s operant power.

  • We must take RESPONSIBILITY and never ever blame any person, organization, or circumstance.  
  • It is only by doing just that, that we can UNLEASH the power of our PURE IMAGINATION.  

We can’t blame something else, and also believe in the power of God, at the same time.

Recently, I had what most people would call an ear infection.  I had to take responsibility for it.  Not blame myself, but accept responsibility for it.  I was with a loved one in the hospital a short time before that, and she had an ear infection.   On some level, I know that I feared having one myself, which meant that I had just imagined having one.   I didn’t STOP it entirely at the time, and so I got to experience one.

The power of imagination is VAST.   And we are all growing in our capability to use it with precision and with focus.

Thank you for your emails, support, comments below, and for being a member of our growing Neville Goddard community.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  3. Barbara Powell says:

    Fantastic work regarding the article on how to manifest.

  4. Jerry Carter says:

    I admire your article and how it fits in with THE LAW as Neville teaches it..

  5. James Wilson says:

    Good read about Neville Goddard's work. Clear, high-quality, and aboutall great.
    I'm learning about neville goddard lessons.