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Free Neville Goddard Lesson – The Unforgivable Sin

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Today’s Neville Goddard quote continues on our lessons from the lecture FAITH – which is available on

Nevile shares with us the Unforgivable Sin – and opens the door to embracing the power of God that we are. I notice in my everyday life – how many more miracles I experience and notice – when I stay away from the Unforgivable Sin.

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Mr Twenty Twenty

“Well, God is one’s own marvelous human Imagination. That’s God! Man is all Imagination, and God is man, and exists in us and we in Him. The eternal body of man is the Imagination, and that is God himself. And all things are possible to God. You and I – here we are, fashioned by the grace of God, born by the grace of God, and we dare to put a limit on the power of God! Here we, the creature born by the grace of God, and then we tell God (or tell ourselves) what he can’t do. And therefore, give to God, who made us and brought us into the world…and now we give to him the sin against the Holy Ghost, which as far as I see it is man’s doubt. — The only thing that cannot be forgiven is the sin against the Holy Ghost, which is man’s doubt in the power of God.” – Neville Goddard


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  1. Susan Hughes says:

    Good article about Neville Goddard. It really hit the main points and cabouted even some of the smaller details.

  2. Carol Clark says:

    Good work on the article about the truth. It made me think a bit more about the topic.

  3. Charles Anderson says:

    Great work on the article about the human imagination.