Free Neville Goddard Lesson of the Day – Remember the day.

“Remember the day your boss criticized you, and you are molding an image of yourself based upon what he said. Being undesirable, that image is misshapen. Unable to discard yourself, go down to the potter’s house by taking the same scene and reshaping yourself by remembering the day your boss congratulated you on your accomplishments. Will this act change your world? Yes! I tell you: the God of the universe is shaping you morning, noon, and night, as you accept words, actions, and events from seeming others.

I urge you to shape your world from within and no longer from without. Describe yourself as you would like to be seen by others and believe your words. Walk in the assumption they are true and – because no power can thwart God – what He is imagining, you will experience.

You are not someone apart from God, for I AM cannot be divided. The Lord, our God, is one I AM, not two! If God’s I AM and your I AM is the same I AM, define what you would like to be. Then believe…” – Neville Goddard – Courtesy of

Free Neville GoddardHey mate,

Today’s FREE NEVILLE GODDARD LECTURE continues with us exploring the power of Revision, and a strong reminder from Neville that we are not APART from God, but are ONE. There is only ONE – not two, and the IMAGINATION that you use is the imagination of GOD.

Enjoy the lesson, leave a comment, and thank you for being a member of our Neville Goddard Community.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

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  1. Remembering we are ONE and there is only ONE imagination. Enjoy!

  2. We are one….. Love the reminder.

  3. Lisa Love says:

    Thank you for bringing us Neville's world Twenty.

  4. Carolyn Rogers says:

    Nice piece on the The Law.

  5. Brenda Collins says:

    Fantastic post on the article about neville goddard.

  6. Looking forward to "the Book". Revision was the hardest thing to get my head around but after an incident last weekend I am convinced, for me there is no doubt it works.

  7. Karen Clark says:

    Thanks for the post about the truth about manifesting. Excellent work!