Free Neville Goddard Lesson of the Day – Dealing with Skeptics

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Today’s Free Neville Goddard quote of the day reveals HOW your manifestation may happen and the importance of FULL ON FAITH.

Neville was in a room with skeptics – people who were challenging him and his word – when he shared what you are about to read.

I am blessed to have traveled the around the world 7 times in the past 18 months – and to have found my wonderful home – all due to Full On Faith.

Enjoy today’s lesson, and thank you for all you do.

Mr Twenty Twenty

“And since all things are possible to God, all things are possible to him. Then, confronting himself, when his adversary says: “Turn this pencil into a yellow one,” he will imagine it yellow. If the pencil remains white when he thinks of it, he has not trusted the Lord. But if he persists in having a yellow pencil, by trusting the Lord completely, someone he may admire or does not want to offend, will give him a yellow one. Whatever your desire may be, imagine it is fulfilled, and trust the Lord your God implicitly. If it takes a million people to play the part they must play in order to produce what you have assumed you are, they will do it. This is the world in which we live.” – Neville Goddard (God’s Almighty Power.)

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  1. Edward Davis says:

    Fantastic work with the article about the truth about manifesting.

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    This website has great articles. Once again, another great article with this post about Neville Goddard.

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    Excellent work on the article about the Promise. I really enjoyed it.