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Free Neville Goddard Lesson – Imagined something that hasn’t come true – yet?

Hey mate,

Teaching Karate at the Scottdale YMCA

I remember when I began teaching kempo karate as a teenager, no body saw that coming with my personal history. I was born 3 months early, weighing just over 2 pounds. Sickly growing up, almost getting held back in school because I was absent so much one year. Picked on and quiet, I was more of a book worm.

Then something magical happened. I IMAGINED myself as fit, and healthy. I saw it not just as a possibility, but as MY REALITY.

I began to study healing, herbs, nutrition, and taking KEMPO karate lessons. Within a YEAR I was teaching at the local YMCA. Within 4 years, I was getting ready for my first black belt ranking, and was well known for my expertise.

Long before “it happened”, I remember IMAGINING being congratulated by my friends and peers. I remember imagining being one of the best competitors in the United States. I remember imagining finding the best people to train me. And guess what, I did. But it did take persistence. It did take commitment.

It took me most importantly to STOP IMAGINING myself as I was – and to use that same IMAGINATIVE POWER to see me – as who I chose to be.

Thank you for reading my story, if it has touched you, leave a comment below. And here is Neville:

“Have you imagined something and it hasn’t come to pass? Then what are you imagining right now? Are you imagining you are John Brown? You were not born knowing you were John Brown. You were born and others began to call you John. As time passed you began to assume you were John Brown and began to respond when you heard the name John.”

“When you imagined being secure did you forget the feeling? Are you imagining you are secure now? You may have no evidence that you are secure, but as you allow others to tell you how much you are loved and wanted, how successful and famous you are, you will begin to assume it, and imagination will have created its reality. Try it, for that reality you already are! Now let us go into the silence.” Neville Goddard from Imagining Creates – Courtesy of

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  1. Cricket says:

    Thank you for bringing Neville’s wisdom to this site. I heard about him
    Through Wayne Dyer’s new book Wishes Fulfilled and that’s how I ended
    Up here. This site is helping me every day on my journey to speaking & teaching
    As my spiritual path. Thank you.

  2. Veronica says:

    I am coming back to Neville after almost 15 years of distractions. How I ever strayed, from his teachings I don’t really know.

    I just remembered this yesterday while reading this very lecture. Many years ago I some how found a lawyer to represent me for a wrongful dismissal from my job. He suggested he write a letter to the company rather than serve them with papers for a full blown law suit.

    I imagined myself getting a call from the lawyer saying “I got a call from XYZ co. and they want to settle the claim.”

    About two weeks later, I got that exact phone call with not one word more or one word less, but exactly the words I imagined and for the exact amount of money.

    So yes I know personally that this works.

  3. This is how I went from being a sickly teen to a teenage karate expert. Enjoy!

  4. If you have ever imagined something and it hasn't come true – yet, this lesson is great for you.

  5. I love it, I am a student and practitioner of Neville Goddard Teachings about JESUS, GOD and our powerful powers inherited by our Mighty Creator and Giver, amen. GOD/JESUS bless you, amen.

  6. Louise says:

    Love and Appreciation for you, Twenty and Victoria,
    I’m basking in the light of smiling faces reflecting my own,
    as I feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled x

  7. Glenn Segal says:

    Awesome. I have been reading, listening to Neville's lectures and practising. Using one's Human Imagination does really work: I recently used it for the good of another — seeing my son's grade on a professional exam in my mind's eye — and that was the exact grade he received. When he told me his grade, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for all of your sharing!

  8. Welcome and many Blessings. Neville is one of my greatest teacher, of course JESUS #1.

  9. Thank you my friend. Many blessings. Feel free to share your stories here anytime!

  10. I will…………

  11. Rebecca Gonzales says:

    I found just what I was looking for in this article about the truth about manifesting.

  12. Steven E. Dye says:

    Thanks for todays wonderful lesson our Friend 🙂

  13. Stephanie Anderson says:

    Great work on the human imagination. I liked the middle part – it answered a lot of the questions I've had on the subject.

  14. Scott Rogers says:

    Fantastic read about The Law. I learned a lot.