Free Neville Goddard Lesson: Occupy That Aim.

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Today’s Neville Goddard quote of the day reminds me of how I used my imagination to go from being a sickly teenager to a world class martial arts instructor and competitor.  I imagined my future so completely that not only did I take the massive action needed to reclaim my health and develop my skills, but I also ATTRACTED to me over a dozen world class trainers and instructors – who taught me more than I ever could have imagined.

Including the lesson Nevelle shares below.

No one in this world can be drawn to you, unless YOU call him.  Who are you calling into your life today?

Remember, what you hold in mind tends to manifest, let’s transform our world

Here is Neville:

“So you and I can be anything in this world we desire to be if we will clearly define our aim in life and constantly occupy that aim. It must be habitual. The concept we hold of self that is noble must not be put on just for a moment and taken off when we leave this church. We feel free here; we feel that we have something in common, that’s why we are here, but are we going to wear the noble concept we now hold of self when we go through the door and enter that bus, or are we going to return to the restrictions that were ours prior to coming here? The choice is ours and the hardest lesson to learn is that there is no one in this world that can be drawn into your world unless you, and you alone, call him.” – Neville Goddard – Changing the Feeling of I – Courtesy of

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    That's a quality article on Neville Goddard.

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    Well done on the article about the human imagination.

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    I liked the article on the Promise. Great job!