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“How Can I Manifest Neville Friends Who BELIEVE?” Free Neville Goddard Lesson – Forward Giving

Free Neville GoddardI want to find some Neville friends.  I’d really like my friends and family to get how cool this is, but they are closed minded and not interested.  I want to help them prove it to themselves, instead of thinking I am a kook. Any ideas?” – Tom in Burbank

Hi Tom!

Let’s dive in and manifest you some Neville friends.

You are gonna have so much fun with this, because we are going to do it – with Neville’s teaching on FORGIVENESS.

Let’s dive in with this Neville Goddard quote:

“As you forgive another by thinking of him as you would like him to be and persuading yourself of the reality of your imaginal act, you are forgiving him for what he appears to be by putting him into an entirely different state. Do that and you are substituting a noble concept for an ignoble one. That’s forgiveness!” – Neville Goddard – from Imagination Fulfills Itself –

Here’s what’s cool Tom.  You get to “forgive them”.

Not in a judgmental way, but as the ultimate gift of love.

You get to IMAGINE THEM as ALREADY wildly successful…

…with “this stuff”, and you get to do that by TOTALLY FORGETTING the problems you had with them in the past, by imagining them as LOVING the Neville Goddard lifestyle.

Here are two VERY QUICK methods you can use TODAY.

FIRST, Revise!

REVISE that LAST CONVERSATION you had with them, where they thought you were a KOOK, and  imagine walking away from it with YOU BEING HAPPY AS A CLAM – because they are so THANKFUL that you shared with them this way of life.

POWER POINT:  How would that ACTUALLY FEEL? – Explore and NAIL THAT.

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Then, let’s go out into “the future”…

…and imagine what it’s like, next Christmas, the best Christmas ever.  A Christmas so WONDERFUL, it’s obvious – that they too, like you – have made FEEL IT REAL their way of life! A simple smile, and a lovely THANK YOU is all it takes – to FEEL THIS REAL.


Blessings to you today Tom!  Good on you for FOLLOWING THE FORMULA and DIVING DEEPER!


Celebrating YOU!


Let’s make 2018 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

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