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Free Neville Goddard Lesson: Can we Nevillize Relationships?

Hey mate,

Today’s lesson begins with an email we received this morning. Even if you aren’t wanting to get into a relationship, this one contains some valuable points for everyone studying the methods of Neville.

Hi. I have been on your email list for the last few months, and find the readings very interesting. My girlfriend and I just broke up, and I pray for a complete healing of our relationship. I know nothing is impossible with God despite a number of friends/family telling me to move on because of how she hurt me, but I truly do love her.

I have been imagining holding her before I fall asleep at night with our left hands interlocked in such a way that I feel the wedding ring on my finger and her engagement ring/wedding band with my palm resting on her ring finger. I also imagine the smell of the skin lotion she puts on before bed. Am I on the right track with this type of exercise? It does feel so real, and I like to think imagining the engagement rings is something that assumes the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

Today’s lesson and our reply is below.

Hey mate,

Victoria and I are reading your email over our morning coffee.   When it comes to relationships, we need to respect the freedom of the other person.   So we get to explore if there is any intent on our part that might overlook that.   Here is what we would suggest.  Imagining holding, and feeling the wedding bands, smelling the yummy lotion….   can you use those with the intent of BOTH of you opening up to that kind of relationship and love?
It may be with you two apart, it may end up with you two ending up together. But if it is held with you two experiencing that kind of love – it opens the doors for that kind of love with you two together – if that is what you both end up choosing.   I personally would suspect what you want / are choosing to have in your life is LOVE.    And doing it this way – opens you and your potential partner to that – and eliminates any force, and creates an energy of opening up to possibility and to love.  With love and light,  Twenty and Victoria
Neville says, “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and your dimensionally greater self will determine the means. When you appropriate a state as though you had it, the activity of the day will divert your mind from all anxious thoughts so that you do not look for signs.”   
Assume the feeling of love, of peace, of having a relationship that fulfills you.   And it will be with the person who also want’s the same.
Have a great day!
Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Getting specific about what you want to create and manifest matters. Personally, I feel frustration and fear when I get too specific or specific in the wrong way. Getting specific with the kind of relationship or the level of success seems to work really well. Getting too specific, the which person – or how to make the success happen seems to create force and friction. Let us know if that makes sense and is helpful. Comment's appreciated.

  2. I couldn't agree more. That is the space where I alow the universe to answer. In a way I guess the destination (outcome) can be chosen, the journey there cannot. It will be provided in the best form for each of us to offer the set of tools and knowledge needed.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Great share Andrew. “The destination can be chosen, the journey can not.”

    I’m gonna borrow that one mate.

    Cuppa sometime?


  4. Divine Soul says:

    Nice.. Useful post TT…
    Thanks and much love 🙂