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Free Neville Goddard Lesson: Are you wrestling with an angel today?

Hey mate,

Today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson reminds that to create the world of our ideal, that sometimes we must wrestle with an angel.

Here is the secret of release – taught by Neville.

Free Neville Goddard PDF“Who wrestles with the angel? Jacob. And the word Jacob, by definition, means the supplanter. You would like to transform yourself and become that which reason and your senses deny. As you wrestle with your ideal, trying to feel that you are it, this is what happens.

When you actually feel that you are it, something goes out of you. You may use the words, “Who has touched me, for I perceive virtue has gone out of me? ” You become for a moment, after a successful meditation, incapable of continuing in the act, as though it were a physical creative act.

You are just as impotent after you have prayed successfully as you are after the physical creative act. When satisfaction is yours, you no longer hunger for it.” – Neville Goddard

Wrestle with your Angel – your IDEAL today. Wrestle with it until you COMPLETELY assume it, then you are it – and you will feel that something is now gone – and what is gone is you being bound by the past – for you have unleashed your new reality. Conception has occurred. Birth in perfect timing is certain.

In our lives here, we often just meditate for a few moments – entering into the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Constructing imaginal scenes that support that feeling, noticing how they evolve from one 3 minute session to the next. And we know, when we our imaginal work is done, for we feel -it is finished. Orgasmic release. Full realization.

Take a few minutes today, to allow your Jacob to supplant what has been, so that your life can assume the state of the wish fulfilled. That is how we write articles, work in the garden, and manifest the changes we have desired.

And remember that we have been given The Law, so that we can experience fully The Promise.

Have an Amazing Day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria
Melbourne, Australia

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6 Comments on "Free Neville Goddard Lesson: Are you wrestling with an angel today?"

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  1. Alden says:

    Hi Twenty,

    What can I say????????

    This post absolutely clarifies that which I struggled and wrestled with all week…what ‘timing’?? WoW!

    The only thing to say is, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for sharing that here Alden.

    We get these kinds of emails all the time, and when they get shared here on the site, they bless everyone.

    What you hold in mind – manifests – sometimes in the form of articles and answers.

    Miracles abound.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  3. Soren Bagley says:

    I like this metaphor a lot. It really expresses how powerful we truly are. However, when wrestling with angels, its important to remember that we must try to yield to the wish fulfilled rather than try to force it. As neville makes abundantly clear in his book "feeling is the secret" the subconcious is like a lover and responds more to persuasion than force.

  4. Rene Dreyer says:

    very valuable – thank you.

  5. Pat says:

    Just wonderful. Easy, masterly explanation, I love Neville’s way to show us the marvelous hidden secrets.
    Thank you for posting this message. I heve to go, I have to wrestle with an angel.

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Pin the Angel Pat.

    Have a wonderful blessed day!

    Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.