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Free Neville Goddard – Imagine Up Your Order

Hey mate,

Today, Neville is going to share with us EXACTLY what a state is, exactly what YOU and I really are, and most importantly, EXACTLY HOW to order up – the state we want in life – as you are about to discover – it is remarkably like ordering breakfast.

Because as Neville says, “you don’t eat what the cook just has sitting around – or wants to get rid of – you ORDER want you CHOOSE from the menu”.  It’s time to live the life you want to, and Imagine Up Your Order.

Listen in to Neville below – by clicking the link.  The video we think is nicer – because you get to see photo’s from our Garden and our travels – while listening to Neville Goddard – In His Own Voice – Imaginal Acts Become Facts.

Listen to this great selection from Imaginal Acts Become Facts – by Neville Goodard – By Clicking here.

Get the ENTIRE COLLECTION of Neville Goddard In His Own Voice – Volume 2 – including Imaginal Acts Become Facts for a very special price today by clicking the box below.

Neville Goddard Audio - In His Own Voice #2 - Click here

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  1. Eve says:

    Dear Twenty twenty: I really enjoy the articles but feel a conflict with the thought of paying for these lessons. Truthfully, I don’t think Neville meant for anyone to sell and profit from his teachings. I have seen many other sites offering Neville’s teachings (except for his books) free. A better way to go might be to offer people the chance to donate what they feel it is worth to them. Thanks.

  2. this makes so much truth sense.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Eve.

    We all minister, share and do what we do to make a difference as we are led by spirit to.

    Thank you for being a member here, and for sharing what makes a difference in the world.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Margaret.

    We love sharing what we discover on our journey here, and greatly appreciate your comment, support, and you being the blessing you are in our world.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  5. Aggie says:


    While Neville allowed visitors to his lectures to tape-record him on their own tape-recorders, we have to remember that those recordings were done on very outdated machinery. To make these available now in audio form involves converting them, posting them, etc., which involves a degree of time and money. I don’t mind paying for the audios, and have found everyone selling them online to be very reasonable in terms of price. This gives you the ability to put them on an MP3 player, and have them with you all day. On the other hand, quite a few of Neville’s audio lectures are available for free on YouTube.

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Aggie,

    Using what the lectures teach – is what gives each of us, greater and greater freedom, prosperity and true self awareness.

    May you and all readers here be blessed,

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  7. zach says:

    I don’t care if i pay or not. Neville has been part of my life for 3 years now.
    An All i can say is you’re the man.
    Thanks for doing what you do
    Mr 20/20

  8. zach says:

    Mr 20/20
    I don’t like my job. An my dream is to do what you do. Make
    Money on line an from home. How would you
    An neville go about my dream. Thank you sir 🙂