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Free Neville Goddard – I am Having Problems Nevillizing – Please Help

“Please help. I have encountered two problems when Nevillizing. First, I have tried to imagine what I want before and after it gets going to a certain point I tend to “not have time” to do my daily imagining and everything stalls. The other problem goes like thigs. When I have envisioned something in the past, like a house, my Nevillizing session starts great and I can feel being in there. Then while in my session, something weird like the floor coming up and morphing into chaos happens. How can I fix this?” Ben (Slightly Edited)

Hey mate,

Today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson reminds us of the lessons we can learn from the state of Jacob. The story of Jacob, reminds us of how we are blessed when we successfully wrestle with our angel – our wonderful human imagination. Here are two earlier articles you can read about your Jacob power:

How To Gain Control Over Your Thoughts – Notice in that article how developing the habit of imagining for others – can build your imaginal power. Often when you imagine for yourself only, the imagination can rebel or stop short of the “orgasmic feeling”, as an attempt to keep things as they are – and by having daily sessions for other people – you can more easily train your brain to to directly to the fulfillment of your objective.

Are You Wrestling With Your Angel reminds us how important it is to stick with it – wrestle with the angel – until you feel the release and can continue no more. You will feel something has gone out of you – and that special something is what gives the right of birth to your vision.

BONUS TAKE AWAY: And one of the big keys we have seen work very well is this, use the method of “I Remember When” to simply remember when you used to have an imagination that was out of control. Remember when you took control of it, when you successfully wrestled with your angel – and the blessings that flowed forth from that victory.

Have an amazing day and remember to fully feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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PS:  Remember, you are not alone in the need to wrestle with your angel.   This is why the story of Jacob is in the bible.  This is why it shows up so often in Neville’s teachings.   The more you wrestle with your angel – choose to take control of your imagination and your state – the more amazing your life becomes.   Be the supplanter, and wrestle with your angel until you win, and use the tips shared int he articles above.  They work wonders.  Thanks for writing Ben.

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