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Free Neville Goddard – How you can get beyond guilt.


Hey mate

Let’s stop GUILT from blocking your blessings today. 

(Even if you don’t NOTICE it!)

If you have felt that guilt or what you have done in the past has gotten in the way, or guilty about wanting more, today’s Neville Goddard lesson is for you.

“I feel guilty about my past, guilty about wanting more that what I have now. What would Neville say?” – Robert K.

Let’s see what Neville has to say mate, and let’s get your manifesting back on track BIG TIME!

“When you wake in the morning, after the most horrible dream, where you violated your moral code, your ethical code, you don’t condemn yourself. You try to analyze the significance of the dream. It has some meaning. What is it trying to tell me. Why you certainly aren’t going to condem yourself, because you will say, that was a dream.”

“May I tell you when you wake one day, you are going to say this in a dream. It’s a dream. The whole thing is a dream. And you will not condemn yourself when you awake in the morning after the most horrible dream…. Well the day will come, no matter what you have done in this world, when you awake – you didn’t do it – it was all a dream.” – NEVILLE GODDARD

What if we put guilt into perspective first.

Neville helps us do that by reminding us that no matter how real we think “this world” is, it’s all really just a dream – projected outward.

All the ancient scriptures tell us this. And we get to remember this truth, by awakening to it. Remember we are one with God – the consciousness and imagination that we truly are.

And once you put it into perspective..

…once you GET THIS, you realize that the sins of the past – where you missed the mark – don’t really matter. Let them go. Stop IMAGINING them and they will lose their power over you.

It truly is NATURAL to seek…

…a more beautiful personal life – so that your joy may be full. So take the time to ACCEPT a more beautiful personal life COMPLETELY – in the imagination that you truly are.

Have an amazing day – full of the magic and the miracle that you are,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

GET GOLD?  Now, dive into this:


“Don’t think of the reasons why you cannot have your desire; simply think you already have it! If you tell yourself it is not possible, you are sinning against the Holy Ghost.” – Neville Goddard

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