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Free Neville Goddard – How you can control your imagination.

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You can either create with your imagination, or you can let it control you.  In today’s lesson, Neville gives us a very simple exercise that instantly shifts you back into the creative state.

“Let us set ourselves, here and now, a daily exercise of controlling and disciplining our imagination…  How can we do this? Do what my friend did. To establish rapport, call your friend mentally. Focus your attention on him and mentally call his name just as you would to attract his attention were you to see him on the street.

Imagine that he has answered, mentally hear his voice – imagine that he is telling you of the great good you have desired for him. You, in turn, tell him of your joy in witnessing his good fortune. Having mentally heard that which you wanted to hear, having thrilled to the news heard, go about your daily task.

Your imagined conversation must awaken what it affirmed; the acceptance of the end wills the means. And the wisest reflection could not devise more effective means than those which are willed by the acceptance of the end. – Neville Goddard – Rare Radio Lectures

This is how I healed myself of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a state of mind where you are plagued with nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety after experiencing extreme trauma.  I used 7 different thought experiments, based on this formula, to regain control of my mind, my imagination – because back then, my imagination was out of contol.

How would your life change – if you could have even more control over your imagination?     I know how I have been blessed, not just with the adventure of a lifetime that I get to share with Victoria, but also with the peace of mind that comes, once you know – what is truly possible for you.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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