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Free Neville Goddard – How to Dream Like God

Dream Like God - Free Neville Goddard LecturesHey mate,

We are learning not only how to completely manifest, generate and create the world of our dreams, we are learning how to Dream Like God.

Power awakens within you, when your DREAMS are like the dreams of God, and not like the illusions of man.

Take that in.  Let it really sink in where it matters most.

Neville Shares FOUR POWERPOINTS in his quotes below that will help us all to Dream Like God.

  1. Be totally possessed by your dream.  (Being just hopeful or interested in it doesn’t cut it.  To be POSSESSED – let it possess you – totally is the key.)
  2. Have an intense wish.  (Not just something sort of swell or nice in mind.  INTENSE is the word Neville uses.  And you can hear the intensity in his voice, when you are listening to his lectures.)
  3. Clothe it in tones of reality.  (Remember the story where the young lady felt the mist of the rain while she was riding the bus – BUT in her DIVINE HUMAN IMAGINATION she turned the rain and her tears into the MIST of the sea – which was part of her vision.)
  4. Have a glorious dream.   Stop settling for an everyday fantasy, fear or illusion.  Have a Glorious Dream.  Listen to the lecture – God and Glory are one.

And enjoy the direct quote of Neville Below, which is where we get our guidance and inspiration.   Whooo yah!

“If you want your dream realized, imitate God by becoming totally possessed by your dream. Do this and you, too, will reach your desire’s fulfillment, just as God has brought – and is bringing – his dream to completion. Have an intense wish. Clothe it in tones of reality and imitate God by living as one possessed by a dream. Like God, do not turn aside until you have executed and accomplished the intents of your mind….  Start now to imitate God by having a glorious dream of the man or woman you would like to be. Don’t ask anyone if it is possible, for all things are possible to God. Don’t ask anyone if you should want it, simply claim it. Because there is no death in the true sense of the word; if your desire is not fulfilled here, it will be completed, so start your dream and imitate God. You could be ninety and still have things you want to experience, goals you want to realize, so claim them now!” – Neville Goddard  – Be Imitators of God 

Listen now to Neville Goddard In His Own Voice – The God Lectures – Click Here Today’s Special!

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. How to dream like God – and create the world of your dreams. First we must let go of the illusions of man, then…..

  2. I am really a blessed soul,to receive these Quotes.
    Thank you