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Free Neville Goddard – Help Me With Releasing

freeneville_present_tense“The issue I am having is in releasing and letting go. Does Neville address this? I constantly visualize my end scene but I am constantly thinking about it and it is not healthy. Almost obsessive. I wish I could stop my monkey mind and actually forget about it entirely. I have done enough obsessing for a lifetime. It is preventing me from being happy in the now! Please help!” E. O.

Hey mate,

Generally we notice two things when it comes to letting go. The first, is that most people who have problems letting go are NOT doing 2 to 3 sessions a day in the state akin to sleep. The state akin to sleep sessions are vital – because when you are in that special state – you are creating the brainwaves associated with “healing and creativity”.

TAKE AWAY:  If you want results, do your Feel It Real Sessions about 3 times a day, where you follow the suggestions we share in the State Akin To Sleep Training Video – Click Here.   In that specific state – you will feel the ideal MUCH MORE REAL, and be able to release it much more effectively – so they appear in your world.


The other side of the coin, is to remember what your job during the day is. Your job is to simply PRUNE your vine – keep training your imagination – to come FROM the state of the wish having been fulfilled – instead of letting it “think about” that state.

  • EXAMPLE:   I don’t start writing – until I am in the state of “the writer / teacher who changes thousands of lives every day”.   That’s my AIM.  If I am not in a state that is true to that aim, I don’t write.  I stop, do a session in the STATE AKIN TO SLEEP, and THEN I write.


The difference between “thinking about” and “feeling from” is subtle at first. Thinking about the state creates anxiety, and often has bits of “when” you want it to happen (implying that it has not” and bits of “how” you want it to happen (which is the TINY ego trying to take over SPIRIT’S job.

Feeling from the state – I know that I am that man – and I create and react to the world – from that state.

“The true vine (and what creates your circumstance) is your own wonderful human imagination. When you believe this you will no longer imagine as you formerly did, but will prune your thoughts every minute of every day. You will break the habit of feeling remorseful, depressed, or regretful. You will no longer think unkindly about another, because you will know that he is actually yourself pushed out, and appeared in your world because the Father in you called him.” – Neville Goddard

Pruning your vine is you noticing – that you are thinking ABOUT it (longingly) once again – and consciously moving your attention to FEELING AND SEEING from it (as real NOW).

“When you imagine, God is acting. He is the true vine and the vinedresser, for he is your imagination, imagining you. If you really understand this, you will start pruning your thoughts. If you don’t and continue to believe Jesus Christ is other than your Self, you will persist in allowing your wanton energy to run wild, to swell into irregular twigs, and bear unlovely things in your world.” – Neville Goddard

And remember WHY the Law we are sharing here works.  It works because as it is written, “we are the son of God”, “the kingdom of God is you”.  You are one with all life, one with God.  (Creating separation between you and God – creates separation – between you and your aim.)

Have an amazing day, congratulations for investing in you, and remember to take the time to feel your ideal as real – from the state of the wish fulfilled.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Andy says:

    If anyone has trouble dropping down into lower states.
    This stuff can help get you down there:

  2. Pooja says:

    Dear TT & Victoria

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for this website. My life is changing since the day I came across Neville & your website.I look forward to newsletters everyday . It is so wonderful to be a part of this community. And I acknowledge the way newsletters explain every minute detail and it keeps me constantly in my state of wish fulfilled.Thanks a lot!!!!

  3. Cherry says:

    Just what i need to hear today! Thank youuu..

  4. Kay says:

    These messages have been great for me; however, there are times when I struggle with my grown son and he blames me for everything in his life that has gone wrong for him. When that happens I really go into Neville’s teachings but it’s hard sometimes. I’ve let him stay with me but when he doesn’t follow the guidelines I’ve set in my home he thinks I’m picking on him. I’m really struggling with this. Is there some way I can stay focused in the teachings. It’s a day to day struggle. I know this is not healthy. And, I am feeling guilty. Help!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Look for an article soon Kay.

    Many blessings!

    TT and V

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Kay,

    What would it be like to have harmony at home?

    How would that feel, how would your friends see you differently?

    Imagine this. And imagine your son happy and fulfilled.

    Anytime we imagine lovingly for another, we are blessed deeply.

    Many Blessings,

    TT and V