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Free Neville Goddard – Are you Imagining the Right Scene?

Hey mate,

Are you imagining the right scene? The scene that creates the change you truly want in your life? Read the quote of Neville below and find out:

“Work out the last scene, which implies the theme is realized. What would I do were I successful? What would I see ? What would I say? How would I act? Well, then construct one little theme or little scene which implies the fulfillment of my desire…”

“It can be anything in this world, and so he puts himself through the paces by simply inwardly enacting the drama that he himself has constructed, and whatever it would be that he has constructed, which drama implies the fulfillment of his theme, he inwardly acts it over and over and over again until it takes on the tones of reality.

“When inwardly he feels natural in the part that in which he is now self-rehearsed, the curtain will rise and he will see it there. He will cast the inner drama on the screen of space and he will see moving on the screen of space all the characters necessary to complete the play.”Neville Goddard

When you imagine what you want, instead of imagining the SCENE that implies that you already have that change in your life, you are making what we call, the Time Frame Mistake. Neville teaches to construct in your mind a single event that implies that “it is done”.   (Read our example below.  You can apply this everywhere in life.)

Are you doing that?

You will know if you are, because you will feel that it is DESTINY, you will feel that it is done. This is one of the masterkeys to eliminating any desperation or force from your imaginings.

Have you imagined what it is like – to fully have realized you are one with God? The scene that would imply that you have completely woken up?  This is the true power of Neville’s teachings.  Once you realize that, imagining what you want into the physical world is easy.

Have you imagined what the scene that implies your wish fulfilled?  I imagine you doing more and more of that now since you have read this article.  And before writing this article, I imagined not just having written it, but I imagined reading emails this evening, from the lives that it changed – that was my scene that implied that the article is finished. The scene that implies that you have begun using it as well.

Imagine the handshake, the high five, the single PHYSICAL EVENT that implies that it is done – and it will become rock solid.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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