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Free From A Lifetime Of… – New Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey mate,

Today when you read Wendy’s Neville Goddard Success story, notice how she was so easily able to control her state, avoid anxiety, and EASILY end a life long pattern that caused her heaps of stress.

Wendy is on Day 14 of Manifesting Mastery, and using phrases that she learned from exercises that members do during the first two weeks of the course.

Let’s dive in and learn from Wendy’s success after a word from Neville.

“Our seedtime is that moment in time when you and I react to anything in this world. It may be to an object, it may be to an individual, it may be to a bit of news that we have overheard, but the moment of reaction, that emotional response, is our attitude. Our attitudes are the seed times of life, and although we may not remember the seedtime or the moment of response, nature never forgets, and when it suddenly appears in our world…” – Neville Goddard

Dear Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

I am thoroughly enjoying this course. Yesterday, I had an “in my face” opportunity to prove the efficacy of Because I am X…I am X…” Here’s the story.

I’m in my 69th year. Going to the dentist has always given me the willies. I and my three siblings had teeth that decayed easily. In my formative years I used to get through each dental event by saying to myself, “if Joan of Arc could be burned at the stake I can handle being at the dentist.” Some coping strategy that was.

dateIn caps/crowns alone over the years I have invested $25K plus. With each visit to a dentist I wanted to feel calm, relaxed and delighted with myself that I was investing wisely to keep my mouth healthy.

I tried dozens of coping strategies. None worked. As soon as I sat in a dental chair my hands would sweat, my body would cool and I’d get so tense that my neck would be sore for a week. I was a pill of a patient.

Yesterday morning I was standing at my kitchen counter munching on a piece of toast and cheddar while contemplating what it feels like to have successfully doubled my income. The eating piece must have been mostly unconscious because I suddenly became aware that I had a great gap in my mouth on the bottom left. Huh? What the??? How did???

Despite my surprise I laughed. I’d obviously had a crown come loose and I swallowed it without being the least aware that it was happening. Jeez Louise! I rang my dentist and was told to show up in an hour’s time and wait until he could fit me into his schedule.

So here’s the thing. As soon as I realized what my day would include I began working two of your techniques. As sensations or thoughts showed up to stoke the fire of speculation, anxiety and fear, I spontaneously said to myself, “This (sensation or thought) does not mean anything. It does not mean what I imagine it does.” Over a period of several minutes I used that same statement dozens of times. I then added, “Because I am calm and relaxed I am calm and relaxed.”

I was being fit into my dentist’s already busy schedule and was in his chair for 2.5 hours. I used the combination of the two statements multiple times with great success. I am proud of me. For the first time in my life I experienced my dental visit without anxiety.

Thank you!

Warm regards,
Wendy B from Manifesting Mastery

Congratulations Wendy on developing what Neville calls the Incorruptible Mind.  This level of life makes manifesting so much more effective – because you can stay in the state you choose – and live now the life you want.  Good on you!  Big blessings – TT and V

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“When Solomon made himself a chariot of the wood of Lebanon, he made himself – no one made it for him. That’s what you must do – that’s what I must do – that’s what everyone must do – and in that chapter, I showed you the wood is not wood as you know wood. It means the wood of Lebanon is the incorruptible mind.” – Neville Goddard


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  1. Lisa Marie says:

    That is a terrific success story indeed. Thanks, as I am just tonight with the help of Twenty…. remembering these exact same steps. And, of course we know they are the energy of the creation of…. our life of choice. THANKS YES!

  2. Christophe says:

    Isn’t she lovely Wendy? She and her three siblings have always had such perfect, healthy, strong, white teeth! She barely ever needs to go the dentist, and when she does, her dentist congratulates her on how well-maintained her teeth are. She smiles inwardly and outwardly knowing it’s perfectly natural, in fact it is divine, God takes very good care of her!


  3. Doug Sheehan says:

    A very nice success story, thank you. But I am curious about one thing.
    It sounded like Wendy was using Affirmations to get herself through her ordeal and not her imagination.
    Can you help me with this, since I know Neville was not a big fan of Affirmations. Thank You

  4. Hi Doug. Those phrases are taken from some exercises we have in the first week of manifesting mastery. The exercises they come from (and the order they are taught in) are what matter. The phrases themselves wouldn't do much, without the exercises and the prior lessons.

  5. Thanks Lisa! Sharing this is good fun, and a great reminder to those who did the program to keep using the tools they learned. Blessings!