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Free Birthday BBQ Success Story – Neville Goddard

Good morning TT and Victoria,

Thought I’d send you an update on life since I got in the program.

Julie is 11 on Tuesday, so we are having a small family get together on Saturday. We get stuff in bulk from Costco however the card needed renewing. Put it off and today thought sack it, and went to get a new one and bugger the cost. As I’d previously paid for a higher membership and it wasn’t cost effective, we ended up getting our new cards for free! Stunned and deighted! Free.

I had a run in with my new bank on Wednesday morning and put in a complaint. Got a phone call today about it all. Told them its ok, I’ll just close the account. After the conversation I was happy and thought that was that. Errrrr nope. The man decided to give me some compensation. I thought about $40. Errrrr nope.  I got $250 compensation! Bloody hell. That means the bbq tomorrow is free.

So things are moving, I’m delighted and thrilled.

Have a fabulous weekend,

C. P.

Note: Notice how following the formula gave C.P. a new Costco membership (which is $40 here in Australia.) And how remaining faithful to the state of “we are having this bbq” gave it to them for FREE! This stuff works! Imagine how good it felt to have a lovely family get together and have it funded by IMAGINATION!

IMAGINATION DOES CREATE REALITY.  Every thing in your life was once imagined.  Every opportunity you give to yourself for the rest of your life BEGINS in imagination and comes to pass in the physical world.  Embrace who you are – the operant power.  Choose who it is you want to be in the world.   And Follow The Formula and watch how both tiny and huge miracles move the mountains that were in your way.    Many blessings to you C. P.

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  1. Liu Tzu Tan says:

    Hi 20/20 and Victoria,

    Happy wedding anniversary!