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First Class – Free Car – Success Story

“Can I imagine that I am the one that I would like to be and remain faithful to that assumption as though it were true. If I can and remember that assumption and when I did it, then I will see when it happens in my world the relationship between the natural effect and its spiritual cause. The spiritual cause was that moment of assumption.” – Neville Goddard


Dear TT and V,

My very best friend was suddenly in the hospital, in California. I live across the country in a tiny town in central Kentucky, hours from the nearest airport.

We talked, and due to cost, complicated family participation at her end, and the life style chaos that circled her life, she did not want me to come out. I was unsure what to “do”, but to follow her wish.

TT: Notice what happens next. Lisa moves from the world of “thinking” – where we try to figure everything out in the world of chaos – to the world of KNOWING – where flow and miracles happen effortlessly. Thinking comes from the head – where we think about cost, complications and worldly stuff. Knowing comes from the heart – once we get the head out of the way.

After a day or two, I was restless.

My heart was restless and I suddenly KNEW I needed to go – immediately. I had not heard from her, but my instincts were now clear. I told my partner I was going to go, today. We agreed the cost would just have to work out.

I left my home one hour later.

Even as I packed my over night bag, I called friends, and checked airline miles, called orbitz…. I NEVER doubted I was leaving within the hour. I called Delta Airlines – and against their rules…. against their general policies…. against their general customer service track record… 🙂

The lady was so moved by my story as I checked my Frequent Flyer Miles… she said: You are 50K miles short….why don’t I just give them to you! As a matter of fact, let’s let you go First Class.

TT: Notice Lisa didn’t leave any room for doubt.  She was in the state of KNOWING.  Knowing removes all doubt about it happening.  Notice knowing doesn’t mean knowing “how” it will happen, but that it is CERTAIN.

Yes, it is true. The ticket was $1800.00 in value. Each way.

Then… I decided I needed a car, due to the unreliability at the other end… and needed to be independent. I called Orbitz for a one-night hotel – and the lady was so moved by the immediacy of my travel and story, she gave me a free car.

Against their policy, against their rules.

TT: When you KNOW – when you come from the state of KNOWING – the universe moves – man made rules dissolve – and the power of love takes over – and miracles happen.

Twenty, this all happened within 20 minutes of my firm no-going back decision that I was already there, imagining the power of my arrival and the presence of my love for her – against all apparent odds. Financial, distance, time.

When I walked into the hospital room, unannounced to my friend, the open face, the open heart, the open gratitude for my arrival against all odds…. was a snap shot for us both to keep forever.

It turned out that the two days prior she had died and come back – and no one from the family called me.

Her daughter – the one friendly in the entire group – was the only one there. We spent 8-9 hours together, then I had dinner with her daughter, drove to my hotel and slept til my early AM departure.

  • I never doubted I was going once I decided I was going.
  • I never doubted the money and “ease” of travel would accommodate me.
  • The conviction of that FEELING is a touchstone for me to review whenever I wonder about my power.

We now have this as a living memory.

Manifesting Mastery has further and further fine tuned me and my ability. Thank you for this!

TT: Many people “know about” this stuff, but still make “the usual mistakes”.  Notice Lisa doesn’t use any “new age” tools, meditate for hours, insist on doing nothing and that the tickets un-naturally appearing in her purse, agonize over it, or try to force it in any way. She simply stays out of her own way and assumes the state of the wish fulfilled.

Manifesting Mastery is designed to give you the experiences you need to get out of your own way, and the tools you need to manifest effectively. It’s a 90 day adventure you share with Victoria and me, that will change your world. Check it out, read all the testimonials, and if you feel it is for you, dive in and change your world.

Many Blessings!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. S says: too had some amazing miraculous experiences like this.n that’KNOWING’stays with us forever n helps us afterwords. Thanks for d story. N thanks TT n V for your wonderful work.

  3. Snigdha says:

    Very inspiring indeed! Much gratitude to you for sharing!

  4. Pooja says:

    Many Blessings to you Lisa..Admire your love for your friend & great many thanks for inspiring me…
    Dear TT & V …Many Many Thanks & Blessings to you both for continously supporting entire community for maintaining our states…Success stories just keep on increasing our faith & power