15 YEARS of Migraines GONE by Day 7 in Manifesting Mastery

“You have the power to create and un-create. Having brought something unlovely into your world, you can un-create it if you are willing to create something in its place, and persist until your desire becomes fourfold.” – Neville Goddard

Hey Twenty/ Victoria,

It’s been an amazing week…

I notice I have so much more energy, I’ve always been a fairly happy person but now I’m even happier like nothing can get to me to change this state of happiness, I seem to not care for anything in the news or otherwise that happens or what people say that doesn’t matter. Peeling off the meaning of everything has brought about miracles. I’ll just tell you about one of them.

I’ve had migraine for the last 15+ years and I’m on daily medication.

I’m a doctor so it’s tougher to wean me off ?. Last week- in such a short period- when I got a headache, I told myself- this doesn’t mean anything! I then went about my business, didn’t think about it and I suddenly noticed I was feeling so much more clear headed. The headache did not come back the next two days and I decided to stop the medication and see. I’m still totally off it and have not had a single episode of migraine.

This is a first for me. If I feel a little pulsation at the side of my head…

…I just say… oh, it doesn’t mean anything… it just disappears. I first thought, this can’t be happening, it’s just that I’m not noticing it… but then, again, I stumbled on your story about Rosacea (gone) out of the blue and realised, IT DOES HAPPEN ??. I think it, and I get the answer- in your post or your random video I suddenly decide to watch and it’s blowing me out of my mind. I’m not telling anyone coz not only will they not believe me, they’ll also think ? I’ve gone bonkers ?… rejection ??. For a doctor, this is nothing short of a miracle ?.

Tried to keep it short but…… I don’t mind you sharing this if you want to.
Thanks for everything and I’m raring to continue. I love the day I stumbled on you guys ?

Hugs ?

Usha – Day 7 in Manifesting Mastery


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PS: Here’s another where the US Government will want us to say, “results not typical”. Well, we said it. You might even get worse migraines, or the cooties by Feeling It Real and doing what we teach. All I know is girls had cooties back when I was in the 4th grade at St John the Baptist school, but once puberty hit, I didn’t notice girls having COOTIES anymore. I noticed something far more lovely and motivating. How’s that?

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